Using old copy of Windows on a new computer

  consultik 11:40 27 Dec 2004

I am upgrading one of my kids computers (new motherboard, new processor, more memory etc). I was just going to take the hard drive from the old machine and put it into the new one will this work (Windows is XP) or do I need to reregister it or something?

  Forum Editor 11:53 27 Dec 2004

Windows will wake up and realise that it's in a new environment, so be prepared to see a rash of 'new hardware'recognition and installation warnings. This may take some time, as Windows XP ploughs through the drivers, configures the hardware, and updates its registry.

Usually this goes fairly smoothly, but make sure you have any driver or software CDs handy - drivers for some items may not be in the WinXP database.

  ACOLYTE 11:53 27 Dec 2004

You may need to reactivate as the parts would have changed,also i dont know if it would run if you just swopped the hard drive to new pc with windows still installed on it,may need to reinstall windows so as not to get conflicts.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:53 27 Dec 2004

Processor and motherboard constitute new computer to msoft.

you will need to phone microsoft and reactivate.

Plus you will need to uninstall old mboard drivers and install new ones.

  consultik 12:02 27 Dec 2004

Do I need to be proactive in any of this (ie do something before I take the hard drive out of the old machine) or I can I just couple it all together and react to what ever messages I get then?

  Gongoozler 12:37 27 Dec 2004

consultik, if the new machine chipset is fairly similar to the old one (e.g. both by VIA) then the changeover may be fairly trouble free, but be prepared for a lot of problems due to the different driver requirements. You may well find that in the end a reformat and new installation of Windows is the easiest solution.

  AragornUK 12:57 27 Dec 2004

When I did a similar thing (new MoBo, RAM and CPU) I put my HDD in the new setup and XP just continually kept booting up. Would get POST, then the boot screen, then a restart. Would NOT load under any circumstances.

I would be 100% sure that you have all the data (documents etc) backed up to CD or a seperate drive / partition before you start. If the old PC is a factory installed one i.e bought with a pre-installed XP the transfer may not work at all.

The most error free way of doing this is, as said above, a complete format / reinstall of Windows if you ahve the disk and all drivers necessary.

  Rayuk 13:08 27 Dec 2004

click here
May help you out

  consultik 13:38 27 Dec 2004

Thanks everyone so far (Especially Rayuk for that link - I'm very tempted to try it this way eeven if just to prove to myself that I can)

If I eventually need to do a clean install what do I need (the old machine was factory loaded with 98 and I upgraded to XP home later)? I'm assuming any XP Home CD (I say any as I have 4 pc's running XP Home and I wouldn't know which CD came with which) AND the original (XP) product key - is this correct?

  Alan2 14:30 27 Dec 2004

I had in mind to do just the same thing so I shall watch this space with interest.

  Irishman 14:44 27 Dec 2004

For a clean install you'll need the 98 CD (if you're XP is an upgrade disc) to prove ownership of a previous Win OS.

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