Using Office 2007 on Vista

  Audio~~Chip 21:33 09 May 2010

A friend is using Office 2007 on a vista computer, and I have advised here she is possibly asking for trouble as office 2007 is very old and doesn not have any office updates or service packs so she will be vunerable to security risk/vunerabilities.

Am I right in stating this, is Office 2007 weak and unsecure due to no office updates from microsoft?

  Woolwell 21:44 09 May 2010

I think that you are confusing Office 2007 with something else. Office 2007 is still the latest version around although 2010 is available in beta. There are no problems with 2007 and Vista.
Office 2007 has service packs and updates.

  Audio~~Chip 21:46 09 May 2010

Sorry I meant Office 97 ! my fault

Same applies, I just typed the wrong year

  Woolwell 21:58 09 May 2010

Getting all of Office 97 to run correctly with Vista could be interesting although most of it will. Outlook and Access may not work well.

In theory you are correct but I reckon that the security risk is actually very small.

  Audio~~Chip 22:40 09 May 2010

Will leave post open just to see if anyone else post in the next hour.

  robin_x 10:35 10 May 2010

I got Office 2000 working in W7 64.

Bit of a faff. A couple of wab(?) dlls need to be manually found and copied to windows system(32?)
for Outlook Address Book.

Also I found I could only setup one IMAP email.

Set Word/Excel/Access/PP compatibility to XP SP3 and run as administrator to get rid of "There was a problem sending a command to the program error"

Lots of info if you Google. None of it really helps.

I just did a spring clean of my PC, factory re-install and re-install of Office.

And now I get this error and I can't get rid of it. OpenOffice also doing it too if I click on the " get extras" at the bottom of the splash screen.

A workaround of the error is to File/Open instead of double click docs.

I use Thunderbird instead of Outlook now too.
Can drag and drop with Outlook but not Thunderbird. Apart from that is fine.

I am seriously considering filing Office2000 in the wardrobe. But I am a terrible hoarder.

  robin_x 10:46 10 May 2010

About to try and XP with W7(I want to get an old Nero working)

If you/your friend want to try that you will need a Windows (98/XP) install CD. Office 97 should be OK then.

If you don't have a disc, Google "How to make [Vista/XP] disc from OEM" or similar.

click here+

  robin_x 10:47 10 May 2010

I meant click here

  Audio~~Chip 11:49 10 May 2010


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