Using a notebook in North America

  webber_man 11:34 28 Oct 2003


This may seem a silly question!

Im off to Canada in a few weeks and need to use my notebook while im there - can someone point me in the right direction as to what power cable/pack i may need and where i can buy one from? Im guessing i can use my notebook over there otherwise it would make the whole point of having one a bit pointless!

I have searched on and a few other sites but can't find what i think i need - which is a cable which one end i plug into the power adapter and the other into the mains. Is this correct or am i missing something here?

I'd appreciate any advise/tips.

Thanks very much

  Belatucadrus 12:11 28 Oct 2003

An ordinary plug adapter is all you should need, most Laptop power supplies work with input voltages between 100 & 240V and no further hardware is required. Do check your laptop power supply though, there are a very few exceptions and I'd hate to be the cause of any damage.

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  Lozzy 12:16 28 Oct 2003

You only need a USA/Canada plug adapter thats all. I use my laptop in the states never had any probs. A piece of advice, you will need a new modem cable if you wish to connect to the net via dial-up as there actual phone connectors are diff to ours..

  webber_man 12:35 28 Oct 2003

...that seems to answer my question! I thought that i might need a power converter thingy as things like shavers and hairdryers don't work properly with a plug adapter.


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