Using Non Brand Ink Cartridges

  WILLYCARSON 21:26 30 Dec 2003

Have bought a new printer a couple of months back,and have run of ink. But the brand cartridges are to expensive. Is it ok to use non branded cartridges in the printer. Because i am worried it will make my guarantee void

Any help will be appreciated

  hugh-265156 21:33 30 Dec 2003

choice stationary click here are very reasonable for good quaility as originals in my epson.

from their site above:

"in the unlikely event that your printer is damaged by one of our cartridges, we will collect, repair or replace your printer free of charge"

their service is very good.

  WILLYCARSON 21:37 30 Dec 2003

cheers m8, thats what i needed, its a epson c44ux, , will try that site out , thanx again


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