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Using new sim card

  aphrodite42 23:13 24 Mar 2010

If I get a free or cheap PAYG sim card does it come with any credit or if not how do I get started to top up?

  aphrodite42 23:30 24 Mar 2010

It's for a virgin phone.

  robin_x 00:36 25 Mar 2010

Tesco (o2 network) comes with 20 pence free. You pay £1 something for it at the checkout.

I ordered (free) an Orange and an O2 card via their websites.

I was messing with a few old handsets and wanted to check them out.

Also Vodafone, but that was my card with credit on it already.

All of them seem to divert automatically when you make a call to their Top Up numbers. Then you key in your Debit Card Details.

I unlocked a Vodafone and an O2 handset free of charge by calling their customer services.

But one phone was 5 yrs old and one was 2 and a bit years old.
I heard many providers will unlock free for more than one yr old, but some charge.

  aphrodite42 14:19 25 Mar 2010

Waiting for card to arrive in post. Think what 'peugeot man' advises will apply. Thanks for advice.

  aphrodite42 17:21 26 Mar 2010

Card arrived.Registered number on Virgin site and did top-up online. Thanks guys for your help.

  aphrodite42 23:20 26 Mar 2010

Calls 20p p.min, texts 10p. Not the cheapest but for my infrequent usage this is no problem. Top-up minimum £5 which will last me ages. Only restriction is to use at least once every 90 days.

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