Using a Netgear Router through a BT Voyager Router

  Brett_PFC 17:00 08 Feb 2006

hi peeps
just spent 2 hours on the phone to a BT dude. anyway the upshot of it is - i am stuffed.
i have a laptop and a desktop. one is xp pro one is xp home
i have a netgear 4 port router - so i have the ethernet connection going from lapdog to netgear router to bt voyager router. fine it all works. i have the desktop via ethernet going through the netgear router so both pc's can see each other
now i want my desktop to use the same internet connection as my lapdog - however when trying to set this up i cannot.

i have local area connection and 1394 connection in my network connections window.

if i click on the 1394 connection and goto proprties then the advanced tab allow other network users to connect to the internet through this connection i get an error message which reads ICS cannot be enabled because there is an IP address conflict on the network, IPS requires the host to be configured to use Please ensure no other client on the network is configured to use this.

I tried to mess around by amending the tcpip protocol properties to try and manually configure the ip addy and subnet and gateway stuff on the 1394 connection on both lapdog and desktop but it doesnt work - desktop still cant find page when trying - I left the DNS bit as i dont understand it

can anyone help me - spent 8 hours tryong to do it so far today lol

thank you very much for your time and any help thats forthcoming


  keewaa 17:17 08 Feb 2006

1392 is firewire and should be ignore for what you are trying to do.

Since you have a Netgear router you should not try to use ICS but plug another ethernet cable in from the desktop to the Netgear router.

  Brett_PFC 18:26 08 Feb 2006

cheers dude - i do have another ethernet cable going from the desktop to the netgear router - i also have a cable going from the bt adsl router into the netgear router.

I assume i cannot simply remove the bt router as i would then remove my broadband connection ???

  keewaa 19:27 08 Feb 2006

what Netgear model number?

  Brett_PFC 19:37 08 Feb 2006

rp614v2 i think - its a basic 4 port

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