Using Nero 7 Premium Wave Editor

  DGHYPC 17:03 21 Mar 2006

I have successfully copied from vinyl to my hard disk, using Nero 7 Wave Editor,(in CDA) format. The file can be played successfully on my Windows Media Player.
The problem is that when I copy from my hard disk to a rewritable CD Rom the result will not play in my Hi Fi system. I get a "No Disk" message form my HiFi's CD Rom.
Has anyone got any ideas on this problem ?

  pj123 17:30 21 Mar 2006

No, because your Hi-Fi player cannot play CDRWs

It needs to be on a standard CDR and make sure it is finalised afterwards.

  DGHYPC 12:53 24 Nov 2006

Many thanks for your response and advice. What do you mean by the term "finalised" in this context?

thank you

  Simsy 17:23 24 Nov 2006

As pj123 says, it's a CDRW and that's likely to be a problem...

(The reason is that the technolgy used to made the RE-writable is different ot plain writeable discs. A side effect of this is that CDRW are less reflective, and most domestic CD players aren't able to read these less reflective discs... though newer, better machines may do so!)

Also, the disc needs to be specifically recorded as an AUDIO cd to be played on a domestic CD player... you can't just copy a file to CD... AUDIO CDs have a specific type of formatting.

Good luck,



  DGHYPC 22:37 10 Dec 2006

Many thanks for your reply.


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