Using Nero 6 Reloaded- problems with.

  hatrickj 19:19 20 Jun 2005

I have installed the above by two methods. Firstly by installing the suite that consists of
Nero 6, Vision Expree 3, and Media Player then the other components InCD4, In CD Reader, Contents & Templates. Secondly by installing all elements separeately.

On my hard drive I maintain both my sata files and pictures in various folders within My documents and My pictures. I have been attemting without success, and in fact am going up the wall trying to create a multisession disc of some of the folders that can be edited or added to or taken from. Even though the I seem to have done all the necessary like ebsuring multisession has been checked and finalise unchecked, I end up with the disc properties showing all space full, even though it should not be and the disc has become a CD-Rom.

I have used the beginners Express method and also tried to use the Burning Rom prgram but that confuses me. Frankly I purchased the software in place of Pinnacle, that has been so criticised in this helproom but am beginning to think was the change worthwhile.

Detailed guidance to solve my problem will be very much appreciated. But please no advise to buy yet another maker's program!

Thanks all; I awit your replies.

  De Marcus 19:29 20 Jun 2005

InCd can cause all kinds of problems, try uninstalling it seperate from the rest of the nero installation. Also make sure you have all the latest patches (some large downloads) from click here

  Completealias 22:22 20 Jun 2005

Without having a disc to hand that I have a multisession running on I can't be sure but I am pretty sure that that is normal. The disc will show up as full and a cd-rom but when you open it with nero you should be able to continue the multisession.

I may be mistaken thou and will check when I get home if this is the case

  hatrickj 22:55 20 Jun 2005

Thanks for offer, Completealias, but I am aiming at a CD that can not only be added to as you mention but also where files can be edired in other ways like being deleted. I understand from Nerothat Nero's In CD s/ware used with CD-RW media can produce CDs that are not only read-only. I habe InCD installed.

De Marcus. Bearing in mind comments about InCD above, why do you suggest uninstalling it?

  Completealias 23:00 20 Jun 2005

I have heard of problems with incd also and myself don't use it.

I just use a multisession disk which when I come to update I can delete old files off of and update new ones to it. The the function you lose thou is the ability to drag and drop to the drive which I believe you can do with incd works for me thou

  BRYNIT 02:11 21 Jun 2005

As Completealias has said when using mulisessions in Nero it will only allow you to add files to the disk it will not allow you to delete any files and will always show as a full disk. The only way you will be able to add/delete files on a CD/DVD-RW disk is to formated the disk with InCD.

If you have InCD, put the CD/DVD-RW disk into the drive, click on my computer right click on the drive and select InCD format. Select format or quick format (quick format allows you to add files before the disk is fully formated) type in a label if required and click on start. Formating a disk can take a while.

When a formated disk is used you can drag and drop files directly onto the disk or delete the files if required.

  hatrickj 20:12 21 Jun 2005


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