using nero 6 on a non blank disk

  albiex 18:13 05 Mar 2005


I'm trying to reuse a CD/RW disk using Nero6 or express. When I try to use erase (or indeed to burn something over the top) I get a meassge saying that the disk is in use by another program..even though nothing else is running.

I also seem unable to turn of auto play..? if I do what it says in has no effect...

Help please Albiex

  Simsy 18:40 05 Mar 2005

Do you have InCD installed as well? If so, is the disc formatted?

If the answer is yes, then Ithink what is happening is that when the disc is inserted InCD detects it and takes control of it, preventing Nero from doing so.

If this is the case you'll have to stop InCD from running.

I repeat that this is just a guess, as I don't have to do this with version 5.... soapologies if I'm wrong!!



  albiex 18:50 05 Mar 2005

Hi, Thanks for the thought....I don't have Incd (that I can find)...and when I look at the processes and programes running there is nothing except Nero6.


  ACOLYTE 18:52 05 Mar 2005

Do you have nero info tool running? this has given me the same error in the past.

  Bapou 19:03 05 Mar 2005

InCd is a Nero feature which converts(formats) your disc to become the equivalent of a giant floppy disc which you can use to drag and drop files. Usually you have the option to install this or not, seems yours has not been installed. Just as well, I've never known it being reliable. If Nero will not erase try another way.

Close down Nero and open the CDRW via My Computer by right clicking on the drive and choosing Open to view the contents. In the left hand panel there should be the option to "Erase This CDRW", with XP there is.

Hope this helps.

  albiex 19:10 05 Mar 2005

Thanks again for this help,,,,

However I do not get an option to erase the CDRW in any of the panels..there is an option to delete..but of course this does not work for a CD...

I checked to see if InCD was running or the info tool...neither were..


  Simsy 21:23 05 Mar 2005

I think I'd un-install Nero, restart, then re-install.

(I'm assuming that there isn't a "Repair" option?)

Good luck,



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