Using my PC as a mobile speakerphone

  Garthyy 18:13 22 May 2011

I am in a wheelchair and have problems using a mobile phone so would like to pair up my nokia c300 with my pc (win7) to use my pc's mic and speakers. I can text using nokia suite but life would be much easier if I could answer incomingcalls from my mobile through my pc. Any help really appreciated.

  woodchip 19:20 22 May 2011

Do you have Software that will connect the Phone to the PC? As that's the first thing you need

  hastelloy 19:24 22 May 2011

I can't answer your question but I think you might be better with a headset rather than mic and speakers as feedback could be a real problem.

  woodchip 19:29 22 May 2011

As above, and you could use Skype for some free calls.

  Garthyy 21:19 22 May 2011

I use skype quite often but a lot of friends use friends and family on vodafone so when they travel we would like to chat without racking up huge bills. I cant put on or take off a headset by myself. I only have nokia software. Trying to download a different bluetooth stack.

  woodchip 21:29 22 May 2011

Software hear for your Phone, check it all out. there may be something for you.

copy Paste the above address to your browser Address Bar then press enter

  Garthyy 21:41 22 May 2011

Thank you. ever heard of bluesoleil?

  Woolwell 23:36 22 May 2011

Have a look at this using mobile through pc. I've never tried this so not sure how good it would be.

  woodchip 23:36 22 May 2011


  woodchip 23:36 22 May 2011


  Nontek 08:09 23 May 2011

link text

I have used BlueSoleil with an old Nokia some time ago, worked fine. I don't use it these days as I have upgraded my phone.

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