Using MWB and SAS on same computer?.

  spuds 16:04 05 Oct 2014

Many years ago, I had a few problems with a computer, and at the time I was informed the problem's were due to conflication's between antispyware programmes installed on the computer.

On the particular computer I use the most, SuperAntiSpyware is installed and used frequently, because it seems to do the job.

Today,I have received Malwarebytes Pro with licence keys. Tomorrow I am due to receive Norton Internet Security.

My question: Is any member of this forum running all two or three programmes mentioned on one computer, and if so, what are your opinions in general.

Is there conflications, which is better than the other, and why?.

  rdave13 16:35 05 Oct 2014

According to Norton it's not wise to run two malware real-time scanners. click here.

I run Avast and MBAM pro, one AV and one real-time malware scanner. You can still use SAS as a backup manual only scanner.

  john bunyan 16:52 05 Oct 2014

On my desktop I use exactly the same as rdave13. I use MBAM all the time and SAS every few days - it finds ad aware tracking cookies mostly. I have found the occasional use of ADWCleaner necessary as well!

  alanrwood 17:59 05 Oct 2014

I have used Eset, MWB and SAS together for a long time without any problem. Not sure if Norton is particularly intrusive as I don't use it. Why not give it a try but do a backup of your data first and make a restore point. If you get a problem then just disable either MWB or SAS from start up. Both can be set in their respective options.

  spuds 18:30 05 Oct 2014

Thanks guys for the responses.

When I have all products in front of me, possibly tomorrow, I'll see what I should decide, and go from there on a trial basis.

  sunnystaines 10:14 06 Oct 2014

I use norton security and both free versions of SAS MWB all ok. But I think having two live monitoring programsis not advisable.

Its a real pity the antispyware side of norton is not as good as these two.

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