Using MTS files with Pinnacle 10 video Editing

  highlands 20:13 02 Aug 2013

I recently bought a Panasonic HC-X900 HD camcorder. The video clips are created in an MTS format which my Pinnacle 10 video editing system will not read. I believe later Pinnacle versions also have this problem. I have unsuccessfully tried various software to convert clips to AVI.

I have also installed Cyberlink PowerDirector8 which is similar to Pinnacle and does read the MTS files. However, I am finding this dreadfully slow e.g each edit function can take over a minute to complete. Does anyone know any conversion software I can use to convert clips for Pinnacle (preferably free) or an alternative reasonably fast edit program which is not too expensive? I am running Windos XP/SP3. The clips are recorded in 1080/501 (HGi920).

  Woolwell 21:56 02 Aug 2013

The speed of the edit may well depend on the specs of your system. HD video requires a fairly high spec set up.

  Woolwell 21:59 02 Aug 2013

Why don't you use the Panasonic HD Writer ae4.1 software supplied with the camera. This will edit the video.

  Woolwell 22:01 02 Aug 2013

The software will also convert to mpeg2.

  highlands 18:02 04 Aug 2013

Hi Woolwell..... If I can get the files into MPEG2, Pinnacle would handle them. I've installed the Panasonic HD Writer ae4.1 software but can't figure out how to achieve conversion. The clips are already copied to my hard drive. 'Convert Assist' seems to expect them to be still on the camera SDHC card. I expected to browse to the MTS folder, select the output MPEG2 format and click 'convert', but it is not that simple. Any pointers / help greatly appreciated. I'm surprised my PC does not cope with HD videos. It is a Win7 dual core 3.06hgz with 4gb DDR3 ram at 1600mhz, a 1gb GDDR3 graphics card and a large SATA disk. How fast a machine is needed to edit HD video?

  Woolwell 22:00 04 Aug 2013

Your machine will edit HD video but possibly not as fast as a better processor and at least 8gb RAM. You may find that when it comes to rendering the video that it will take time. Note that in due course to take full advantage of HD you may require a blu-ray writer.

I have a different version of HD Writer but the basic principle should be the same. The software should have come with operating instructions. In HD Writer highlight the AVCHD file, and then click on edit. In the edit window click on save and this will give you the option to save in MPEG2 format and auto convert it. But first you will need to get HD Writer to see your video files. Open settings and under PC HDD you should be able to add a folder and browse to where your videos are. Alternatively copy to the HDWriter folder with MyVideos.

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