Using msn or something similar

  ponytail 19:00 12 Nov 2013

When I had XP on my desk top I used to use MSN for live chats but not sure what to use now as I have windows 7.Can someone advise on a similar program to MSN that I can use for having a live chat.I used it to chat with my brother in Spain and my cousin in Australia and found it very handy.

  Zak 19:09 12 Nov 2013

Use Skype which does video calls, normal calls and chat - instant messaging.

Instant messaging and file sharing.

  ponytail 08:30 14 Nov 2013

Hi Zak

Thanks for the advice have installed skype but what is the procedure to start a live chat,Also will have to check if my brother and cousin also have skype and if not get them to install it

  Woolwell 12:31 14 Nov 2013

Skype has a good help system Skype help. Suggest you read that first. People you want to chat to also have to have a Skype username/account.

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