Using MSN MESSENGER with NTL Broadband Cable Modem

  DAVITHJO 07:51 10 Jan 2003
  DAVITHJO 07:51 10 Jan 2003

I have just transferred to using NTL Broadband, and I have a problem accessing my e-mail box with MSN.COM. MSN Messenger does advise me of the number of messages I have in my In-Box, but when I double click to view them I get this message on the screen
zb%21Rro8M93JF4OJIsq%21QqTX1H8emhyJNF%2a2cc%21Uj7PwgBFPNoGYQQ UNPI7gBb%2asw17BRV%2ahebT6KXyIwSvMbhL3HphJ9Pppw4SHdJUPjiVFq%2a99omgldoeFYXEwD488ucv4KUNMfuqKe6XYqt%2aQ0w8sykloegOS3Ecvhy1FgdhVE%2amgWApZTcKke5TgLn7%21CERMNaqHsvbbLBt%21lPBN%2aElNkn9uK1nnUw%2a%2aI8NYDDpexy6TsNRNNHigUWMaWFdySfqXaRgSNpC7MXbMmzhMTwBI1hspiGW0r1Fv7mMXtSEqX5nqvvyfT31Nogambiu8wBI2pbqkp9STiDdpsZZ8IvIgJZXr5OhELCuNXYRDVB2aNRThvjAPAIwvjfUt4CAXIcku3fvPW%214vxfAxRD1jGsSPzzXtbN3GpgTIJ%21TMPlztb5bcaGzJMGzATyo%2aWntvPJMQ%2arqLHabrWiraUGXQsEYtIO1Od2UQg4hTdapLicxuMhXX1DapGtmQaBwe5GZrgebK1UEChvWGqEe3XKYN1s9JO9yhnRNgS0McFSUqk8My01i6RxHulQMJCPcuDsh0zggU42kq1%2aGUBMlHfJxbzShu%2aZLchuKxjBwym10PSKoTrd6q%2aOsbDShK8t8Avufqz5zEWZZlxFLqZVsx%21y999wkpd8ydz6Y6nUdTlUzQV;; path=/ Expires: Mon, 01 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT Pragma: no-cache Cache-Control: no-cache Content-Type: text/html Location: click here HMServer: H: V: WIN2K i D: Jan 3 2003 16:47:35 S: 0 Age: 2 Transfer-Encoding: chunked Via: HTTP/1.1 ntl_site (Traffic-Server/5.2.0-R [c s f ]) 0

Could anyone please identify what the problem is?

  Andsome 08:38 10 Jan 2003

I honestly don't think that you will get many offers af assistance on this one. Why not telephone the braodband helpline? The number is on the CD box, and the cost is only at local call rate.

  powerless 08:45 10 Jan 2003

Agreed with Andsome.

However we might as well 'ave a go.

Clear all of your temp files in internet Explorer. Try again.

Thats me done :-(

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