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  susie1997 12:18 10 Feb 2010

Hi I have recently got a new pc with windows 7 64bit and I am using a lot more of my allowed 3gb a month than on my previous pc which ran vista 32bit can anyone let me know why I am nearing my limit more now than on my old pc?I dont use utube and even when I have tried to use it once or twice, a 2 minute clip could take around 10 minutes to run as it freezes so much so I give up and dont run it at all. I do alow pictures to be downloaded when browsing but also allowed it on the last pc as well,I have to really watch I dont go over my limit by the middle of the month as you all know that could cost a fortune if I went over regularly, thanks

  GaT7 12:45 10 Feb 2010

Sorry, I cannot tell you why you're using more than you did before, but I feel that in this day & age, 3Gb is a very low BB allowance. That is unless you're a very light user.

If you don't mind me asking, which ISP do you use & how much do they charge you for the 3Gb? What is their minimum contract, & how far are you into it? Have you considered changing your ISP to one that gave you more for a similar price? G

  scotty 12:49 10 Feb 2010

You are not giving us much to go on, I think you will need to do some detective work. How do you measure your usage? Have you checked your daily usage over a period?

My only initial thought is that your new computer is automatically downloading software updates. There could be a large amount of data in these updates. This may settle down after an initial peak as your new pc may have needed several large updates to get fully up to date.

  tricia-2753 12:50 10 Feb 2010

Hi crossbow the isp is "3" dongle and I pay £7.50 per month I am in a contract and it lasts till JUNE do you think it might be worth going to another ISP then?

  tricia-2753 12:54 10 Feb 2010

I only noticed I was going over when "3" text me when my allowance was within 20% of my limit, last month had a lot of updates but this month has settled down and is not doing many only the Avast AV, it did have norton in as a trial and I uninstalled that but the allowance is still going down fast

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