Using Microsoft Outlook with dialup and broadband

  [DELETED] 16:27 16 Jun 2006

My Boss uses Microsoft Outlook as his email client and access's it on dialup at the office. He also wants to send and receive emails when he is away from the office, on his wi-fi broadband . Can he setup his Laptop to access Microsoft Outlook from both dialup and his broadband ? Any help much appreciated.

  Taff™ 19:26 16 Jun 2006

The answer is yes. But the real question you are asking is can he set up Outlook to Check his Work mail and his personal mail from either location. Am I right?

He`ll probably have a different ISP in each location - please confirm which provider supplies which location.

  [DELETED] 06:52 17 Jun 2006

Hi Taff,
Yes basically thats correct, dont think he is bothered about personal mail, but he works from home alot more now and needs to access Outlook when he is there.. The dialup isp at the office is Fastfreenet. and his broadband connection at home is provided by AOL.

  Taff™ 09:02 17 Jun 2006

Does he use another PC at work or simply plugs in his laptop?

  [DELETED] 11:10 17 Jun 2006

he simply plugs in his laptop. And access his Microsoft Outlook from the dial up connection in work.

  Forum Editor 11:19 17 Jun 2006

what type of connection it uses, but of course the smtp (outbound) server address will change, depending on which ISP your boss is using. At home he'll need to use the AOL smtp server.

The way to do this is to set up different mail accounts for both home and office use, using both ISPs' server addresses. Outlook will try to send via both accounts each time, and will provide an error message in each case, depending on where your boss is.

  Taff™ 12:20 17 Jun 2006

Try this:

The principle is this: At work he must have a dial up account that uses the incoming (POP3) and Outgoing (SMTP) servers both for fastfreenet. I suggest he calls this account “Work – Fastfreenet” and in Outlook Tools>Options>Mail Setup Tab –Send receive button he sets up a group called “Work” to include just this account.

Presumably he has AOL set up on his laptop for his personal mail. He needs to set up another account called “Home – Fastfreenet” – this account must use his AOL credentials but the incoming POP3 server should be the Fastfreenet server and outgoing SMTP the AOL server.

As before he should set up a send/receive group called “Home” to include his AOL personal account and the “Home – Fastfreenet” account.

Two points – firstly when he sends a new e-mail message he will have to select the appropriate account from which to send the e-mail by selecting the accounts button (next to the send button) – If he doesn`t it may well be rejected by the outgoing server. Secondly he should turn off the automatic send & receive on start up or exit of Outlook and manually select either the “Home” or “Work” groups from Tools>send/receive.

  [DELETED] 13:01 17 Jun 2006

Thank you very much with your advice Taff. Will pass this info on to the boss. Hopefully i might get a raise but i doubt it lol.......

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