using master and slave drives

  JimmyJAG 14:21 28 Jan 2003

I have just upgraded my Compaq Presario by increasing the ram to 256mb and added a 20Gb Seagate drive to the existing 8.5 Gb drive. What is the best way to use these? Is it to make the new drive the master and store the OS and apps on it or split them between the two? Is it better to partition the new drive or leave it as it is ?

  MartinT-B 14:52 28 Jan 2003

Please read the thread "Adding a Larger Hard Disk"

It had 42 replies and should cover all your questions.


  MartinT-B 14:53 28 Jan 2003

This link click here should take you straight there

  Switcher 15:49 28 Jan 2003

If you are happy with your operating system and data as it presently is on the 8.5 disk and don't want to start afresh then:-

My suggestion is use Ghost to clone from old disk to new disk you will not have to fdisk or format the new disk to do that. You will then end up with two identical disks except for size. You then have various options

1. Format old next to empty it and then use it as a slave to back up data to.

2. Keep the old one as a backup of your complete system just in case.

3. Flog the old one etc....

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