Using Mailwasher.

  Meshuga 08:38 02 Nov 2003

In view of the large numbers of spam and obscene
emails received is it possible to set up the free version of mailwasher to delete all of them at one go without having to scroll through them all to tick all the relevant boxes. Meshuga.

  golfpro 09:01 02 Nov 2003

Mail washer should tick all possible spam emails automatically, and leave normal emails unticked. Click "Process Mail" and all the ticked mails will be deleted.

  MichelleC 09:05 02 Nov 2003

I can get 80 spams some days, so under 'email' I check all for bouncing (to delete and bounce) and scroll to untick pucker emails.

  Meshuga 10:08 02 Nov 2003

Golfpro, Many thanks for responding. There have been occasions when mail has not been auto ticked
but I will keep a check on this and will post again if I have a problem.
MichelleC, Your method merely reverses what I have had to do,namely, scrolling through two hundred spam looking for a couple you might want to keep. It`s just as time consuming. Many thanks
for responding anyway. Regards to both, Meshuga.

  Wak 10:54 02 Nov 2003

I use Mailwasher and if you enter all your friendly addresses in the FRIENDS list, Mailwasher will automatically leave those e-mails alone and just tick the other Spam mail.
By going in to Tools/ Accounts/ Properties, you can choose either to Bounce or not to Bounce the Spam.
By using the options and preference available, I believe you can make Mailwasher do just what you want.

  hoverman 11:40 02 Nov 2003

You can set Mailwasher to autodelete emails from addresses in the blacklist. Personally I would never use the program to bounce emails - this can confirm to the sender that a valid address has been hit. Just delete anything unwanted.

  Meshuga 12:30 02 Nov 2003

Wak and Hoverman, many thanks for your response, Regards, Meshuga.

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