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  JAC13 09:10 26 Feb 2008

I want to add a form for an enquiry instead of displaying my e-mail address on the my website click here
What I want to be able to do is replace the contact e-mail address with 'send us an enquiry' or similar and when the client clicks this it takes them to an enquiry form to fill in and then mail to me.
I am using serif webplus9 at the moment and heart internet hosting.
can someone help?

  kumo22 12:37 26 Feb 2008

Try this

click here

You could consider an upgrade to Web Plus 10 which has a form builder

  kumo22 12:42 26 Feb 2008

I've just had a look at your site.

I really like the construction of the images. I actually use Web Plus 9 myself.

How did you create the jigsaw. This is fantastic and I would like to use this feature on a family site I have.


  JAC13 13:38 26 Feb 2008

Kumo22, Ive actually won webplus 10 on ebay and am just waitinf for it to arrive. As I run on vista theres a few bits that arent accesible on webplus 9. I will wait until it arrives and have a play on there.
Thanks for the nice comments, but the jigsaw isnt created within webplus, I use Shozam on-line gallery creator to do the galleries and then link to the page.
Do you know how I can save the two sites I have created in webplus 9 and have them open in webplus 10 when I install it? or does it do it automatically?

  Kemistri 17:09 26 Feb 2008

I would not recommend using Jotform. I just looked at the markup of its typical output and it is not compliant with accessibility standards or modern markup standards. Given how simple it is to write an HTML form, I'm surprised that the developers did not bother to do it right.

JAC13 -- What are doing for your PHP? Writing it yourself or picking one up "off the shelf" and adapting it?

  JAC13 15:21 27 Feb 2008

Kemistri- I'm not quite sure what you mean by your last question, but I know I wont be writing it myself.

  Kemistri 16:07 27 Feb 2008

Well, you're obviously going to need to get a PHP script from somewhere, otherwise your form won't do anything.

For folks who don't compile their own, the source that I usually recommend is Tutorialtastic: click here. This more complete from a security and spam point of view than almost any other popular source. Just be sure to use the compiled code from the page at that link rather than the all-in-one HTML and PHP file that is also available to download.

And remember that all off-the-shelf PHP solutions need some degree of customisation to adapt them to your own form.

  JAC13 17:53 27 Feb 2008

Thanks Kemistri, I think I understand.

My Webplus 10 has arrived today and I have managed to put a form on the 'contact us' page. The only problem I am finding is that when you submit the enquiry form a 'write e-mail box' pops up, or rather it does on my pc. Can anyone else tell me if it does this on their pc...if so, what am I doing wrong?
Site is here click here

  Kemistri 18:19 27 Feb 2008

I went straight to the Contact page and found no form, but a bit of hunting got me there.

That's quite messy markup -- pretty much what I was expecting given the software involved -- which is harder to read than it should be. Transitional HTML and some deprecated tags.

Your form submission points to some JS form validation instead of going to a PHP script -- that's your problem. An HTML form should look something like this very basic example:

<form method="post" action="example.php">

----Form fields go here----

<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Send Message"/>

  JAC13 21:23 27 Feb 2008

Thanks Kemistri, I think Ive sorted it now.

  kumo22 14:25 08 Mar 2008


Apologies for the delay in coming back.

I have only ever used Webplus 9 so don't know whether the sites will transfer automatically. I assume that they will.

If you've never used it the forums section on the Serif website click here is excellent. You'll get all your Webplus queries answered.

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