Using Limewire with blocked P2P..?

  BearHead 18:12 10 Mar 2008

Wassup, my provider doesn't support P2P protocol and therefore I can't use my Limewire as in it wont start or locate any connection, can anybody suggest anything? help really needed, thanks everyone in advance!

  ACOLYTE 18:32 10 Mar 2008

I dont think there is a lot you can do if your ISP wont let you use PTP,you could ring them and ask there reasons but i doubt they will change anything.Although i cannot see why Limewire wont start,it should still open even if there is no connections.

  skidzy 18:38 10 Mar 2008

Depending what you are using Limewire for will relate to the help you will receive.

Who is the provider ?
What are downloading using Limewire ?

  hiwatt 18:49 10 Mar 2008

Are you sure it's your providor?Normally when lime wire won't even start it's a java problem.Have you got the latest version of java?Version 6 update 5?If not try updating java and see if lime wire will start up then.

  BearHead 18:50 10 Mar 2008

ok, the provider is ClearWire (Ireland), they using a plug and go sort of routers so there's nothing to hack..and I use LW mostly for game demos downloads and some old movies. The Limewire starts ok but just cannot connect to its hosts, thats the trouble..

  dogbreath1 19:36 10 Mar 2008

From another forum...

"My problems with Clearwire:

1. Not responding to emails, and when they do, they just tell you to ring them. And when you ring them, they give you half-baked answers.

2. Not having a set day of the month when they take their direct debit from you.

3. No way of logging in to view your account details online. (how much bandwidth you've used, etc)

4. Unreliable service. No connection roughly 10% of the time.

5. Block ports 2082 and 2095, so if you have a website with squirrelmail or cPanel, you're screwed (like me).

6. Slower than advertised. I'm supposedly on a 2Mb connection, it barely breaks 0.7 Mb most of the time. Sometimes it's slower than dial-up.

7. Block VoIP, including Skype and possibly even voice over MSN messenger, or maybe that's just because they're so slow.

8. Block Peer to Peer, Bittorrent, etc.

9. FTP Traffic is 1/2 the speed of HTTP. Both ways.

10. Online games such as BF2 and Steam games etc, exhibit high pings and occasionally, for weeks on end, cannot connect whatsoever.

Things I like about Clearwire:"

My advice would be to change ISP. If for whatever reason you can't or won't, then try an alternative download client such as SoulSeek and/or different source such as torrents.

Please note, PCA members have the choice to help or not and shouldn't assume that p2p users are committing illegal acts. Those who feel uncomfortable around this subject should (imo) steer clear of these threads and not make veiled accusations.

For future reference, when you want a bike mending, don't take it to Tesco! Similarly,
if you have a specific query regarding Limewire, enquire where you are most likely to achieve success....and, in this case, that is at click here ;)

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