Using LCD TV as monitor for Laptop

  David2169 20:42 30 Jan 2007

Now this may not be the right place for this question but have to start somewhere. I have a Compaq pc, which is networked with a compaq laptop and i have video files which are shared between the two. I also have a 32inch Phillips LCD flat screen tv, which i did use as monitor for the pc some time ago.
Question is, can i use the LCD TV as a montor for the laptop and view the videos on it. Reason is they would be better in wide screen than on the small laptop screen.
I think i can do this but am not sure of what connectors/cables i need, nor how to view the resultant pc image on the TV. Right now i have analog tv, also a panasonic DVD recorder with HD and built in freeview on ext 1, another freeview box on ext 2, and so i think that leaves only the AV channel free. I get very confused about tuning in channels and such,though i have say that the TV has 99 of them so surely i can the laptop set up on one of that lot.
Anyone who can advise me in plain English and step by step idiots guide stands a very good chance of becoming a beneficiary in my will, if theres anything left.
Honesty compels me to say i am trying to ensure there isnt anything left though.
Replies gratefuly recieved
David R

  ed-0 21:06 30 Jan 2007

if the compaq laptop has a VGA out, it should mine has and if the 32inch Phillips LCD flat screen tv has a VGA connecter on the rear.

Then yes. Just get a VGA extention lead. Connect the cable to the laptop and then to the TV. Switch the TV on to the AV channel or scan the AV channels ( my philips 32" has 4 ).

The desktop screen will appear.

Right click the laptops desktop and pick properties > settings > pick TV screen number 2. Alter the sliding settings to get the best result.
click here

A compaq / HP laptop running media centre on a 55" TFT at a resolution of 1920 X 1080 click here

  ed-0 21:13 30 Jan 2007

Some thing like click here or click here make sure they are male to male. click here

  David2169 22:16 30 Jan 2007

Hi Ed
May i say a big thanks for the info, unfortunately i just spent the last of any possible inheritence i may have left. But at least i can now watch those vids big screen.
many thanks to you
David R

  ed-0 22:23 30 Jan 2007

Damm, was looking forward to getting a few bob ;-)

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