Using a laptop in the US

  sandyb 22:27 11 Oct 2006

I want to take my laptop to the US when I go on holiday so I can keep up to date with British News and Sport. I am not staying in a hotel so how do I connect to the internet

  Tim1964 22:41 11 Oct 2006

If you are staying in a house/villa then you can connect via the phone line in the property.

Nowadays most places for holiday rentals even publicise the fact that they have DSL connections.

One thing to watch out for is the call rates as they won't be doing it for free.....

  Stuartli 00:18 12 Oct 2006

I'm sure that the FE will be along to help shortly as he is a seasoned traveller.

  sean-278262 01:01 12 Oct 2006

Have you considered buying a US sim if your phone supports it and then topping up and using it as an IR modem? Every phone I have had supports this (bar my first ever one). If the place you are staying has internet connections then of course what I say is useless but IR - phone modem is often useful.

What happened to going on holiday being the way to get away from it all. Alternatively you could subscribe to news feeds from your provider straight to your phone.

  wjrt 10:58 12 Oct 2006

buy a shortwave radio and tune in to BBC World Service

  sandyb 23:08 12 Oct 2006

We have a shortwave radio but you can't listen to TalkSport on it. Also we want updates on the cricket.

  sean-278262 23:18 12 Oct 2006

Sorry Sandyb but I think it is a bit extreme that your life must revolve around knowing the score in a match. What is the point of going on holiday if you must know what is going on back home? The point of going on holiday is to get away from it all, not just live away from home like you did at home. As I said before you can use your phone as a modem and will do you to gettting updates on the news. You can even set some feeds to email you the news and download and read it later at your leisure.

Why dont you ask a friend to record it and make sure no one tells you what the score is and then enjoy it all at home once you get back?

  sandyb 23:25 12 Oct 2006

You are joking of course. We bought the laptop so we could keep in touch with the sport. We took it with us during the summer and we got up to the minute news on the World Cup. Some things are important even on holiday - at least to some people.

  johnnyrocker 23:27 12 Oct 2006

why not use an internet cafe? or world news?maybe even sky sports news


  josie mayhem 23:34 12 Oct 2006

Cricket score I can understand, but Talksport is a totaly another thing.....


You haven't said weather your holiday is: villa, hotal family ect... this info would help us all enven F.E the seasoned traveler....

contact the people who you've booked your holiday through, they should be able to confirm what access you have?

But if you are taking your lap top, you will need a dial up modem (which is common for most laptops) depending on connection to where you are staying, a wireless card might be apropiate for connection (you will need a form of vaoucher for this) prehaps take a spare usb ALSD modem just in case...

And don't forget with the laptop your electrical lead will be different and so will the power suppy, with my laptop I had both plugs supplied! please check this.... before you go!

  Stuartli 23:37 12 Oct 2006

>>I think it is a bit extreme that your life must revolve around knowing the score in a match. >>

Obviously you don't listen to TalkSport very much...:-)

SWMBO listened to it for hours in the late evening and early morning for the phone-ins, particularly James Whale.

She is interested in sport but even more so in the phone-in discussions, especially the many cranks who ring up and provide so much amusement; Whales sends most away with a flea in their ear but they are still back the next day...

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