Using KeePass as a password manager

  Daiol 21:51 30 Dec 2013

Hi.I have decided to have a go at using KeePass password manager,Just wondering if anyone on here can give me some ideas on using it.Please. One point that I would like to know does it have facilities to have credit card details saved on it? Otherwise any tips would be gladly be appreciated. Many thanks. Happy New Year to all.

  rdave13 22:00 30 Dec 2013

I've always been scared of things like bitlocker and the above mentioned because, one day, you will not remember the master password. I've steered well clear of these types of programs and would never have, or save, any encrypted passwords on my PC. Find another way around it and as far away from the PC as possible is my advice.

  compumac 22:01 30 Dec 2013

You can save any details you wish with Keepass and also synchronise it with various other PC's should you so wish. A good help guide is here click here

  compumac 22:11 30 Dec 2013


Can understand your reservations in respect of this kind of programme, but I have been using this for two years or more and found it very useful. In respect of forgetting your password for it, it is advisable for it to be not your only means of remembering personal details. With regard to the password chosen it should be one that is completely specific to you and no-one else could possibly guess and as complicated as you could possibly make it. Of course that applies to any password. I do not think that you need my advice though.

  rdave13 22:14 30 Dec 2013

compumac , sends the heebeegeebees to me reading that.

  Daiol 22:18 30 Dec 2013

Hi Thanks all. I didn't get an email notification for this posting is there any problem with that function? Thank.

  compumac 22:19 30 Dec 2013



I would state that my version is two stage coded and even if your were able to access the file it would not mean anything to anyone else.

  rdave13 22:26 30 Dec 2013

compumac , anything stored on the PC, regardless of a password manager or otherwise, is, in my humble opinion vulnerable. I might be over the top but these are my thoughts, right or wrong. I shall agree to dis-agree with you in this instance.

  compumac 22:33 30 Dec 2013


Understand and I pondered over it for a long time before using it - I do not think that you are being over the top and would concede that anything on your PC is vulnerable, but I believe that it is a matter of being as prudent as possible in your use of the PC.

It is like anything else that might be a risk - you either do or you don't. It is a matter of personal choice. Nothing can be guaranteed 100% safe.


You might consider RoboForm as well.

  rdave13 00:06 31 Dec 2013

compumac , have you read wee eddie's post, click here. Makes a nonsense of keeping anything on your PC, encrypted or not.

  Daiol 08:29 31 Dec 2013

*Why Don't I Get Email Notification??.I have checked the box to have them,But nothing. Is there a problem with The Forums.?? Pass on to Forum Editor.Please.*

Happy New Year To All. Daiol.

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