Using an ISO file to Backup DVDs

  David4637 14:19 24 Jan 2006

I have been using DVDDecryptor to back up a couple of non-commercial DVDs.

One of the options is to create an ISO file rather than a set of VOBs.

If the ISO is burned to a DVD will it play in a stand alone DVD Player - are there any disadvantages with an ISO on a DVD? Thanks David

  De Marcus™ 14:42 24 Jan 2006

If the iso is burned as an image then yes it will play on a dvd player, if it's burned as a data disk, i.e. just as an iso file then no it won't.

As for the pro's and con's:

An ISO is a straight disc image and can be burnt with any CD burning software whereas VOB files are DVD specific and must be burnt with a DVD burning programme. However a DVD disc image will (usually) be over 4 Gb so you will need to be using Win 2000 or XP to handle that size of a file. VOB files (being usually 1Gb) can be used with any Windows operating system.

  Pikachu 14:43 24 Jan 2006

.ISO is an image of the entire disk which cannot be played on a standard DVD player. Once an image is created using say Nero, DVDDecypter you can burn the image onto a DVD Disc. Much quicker then decrypting to .vob and then burning the individual .VOB files to disc.

.VOB are good if you are going to edit the DVD's and then decide to burn them onto DVD.

  Pikachu 14:45 24 Jan 2006

De Marcus explained it much clearer then myself.

That if its just an .iso file it cannot be played. If the image is copied it can be played on a DVD Player.

  David4637 14:59 24 Jan 2006

Thanks fellows for your very helpful replies.
Am I therefore right in assuming the an ISO image file can be burned to a DVD and it will play OK.
Thanks again David

  De Marcus™ 15:00 24 Jan 2006

Yes, provided the software your using recognises it as an image and burns it that way.

  David4637 16:04 25 Jan 2006

Further questions-

1. Does DVD Decryptor option "Read an ISO" take an image of the DVD or does it create a file. Which ever it does will it play on DVD standalone player.

2. Would just one file appear on the copied DVD (*.ISO), would you be able to read or edit it? Thanks David

  De Marcus™ 17:00 25 Jan 2006

1. Neither, it'll simply read an iso image of a disk if there's one present and copy it to your hard drive.

2. If that's all that was burned to disk then yes only one file would appear, it would appear as 'xxxxx.iso' where xxxxx is the name of your file. From this iso file you'll be able to read it in a dvd rom drive only and it wouldn't play in any player.

To clarify what an iso image is have a read through click here ignoring the frequent references to magiciso.

  David4637 21:40 25 Jan 2006

Thanks for your replies, I have established the following -

1. Decrypter "Read an ISO" does produce a *.ISO

2. Decrypter "Write an ISO" produces a DVD-R with the IFOs,BUPs and the VOBs of the source DVD.It does NOT burn an ISO to the DVD.

Question -

(1) above - is it an image?
(2) what is the advantage of a DVD with one ISO, presumably it would not play on a standalone DVD Player?

Please put me straight on this subject!
Thanks David

  De Marcus™ 23:06 25 Jan 2006

1. Yes

2. No an iso file wouldn't play on a dvd player. To understand you really need to read for yourself what an iso file is, click here

  De Marcus™ 23:22 25 Jan 2006

You'll have to forgive me, my advice is coming from memory, DVD decrypter WILL rip a dvd to an iso image, albeit the early version I used to use I'm sure didn't.

Either way the advantages are that ripping normally (.vob files) opens up the possibility of editing non commercial, copyright disks, whereas you can't edit or pretty much don anything other than burn an iso image.

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