Using the helproom

  Nick1 20:23 21 Mar 2003

Just a tip which might be of use. When you have read a thread you will often wnat to go back to the list of all subjects. If you click on the link for this it will take you right back to the top. Using the back button on th IE6 will take you bak to where you were.



  graham 20:31 21 Mar 2003

Easier to right click and choose 'back'

  recap 20:42 21 Mar 2003

To refresh back to the first page click the blue Helproom link at the top of the page.

  watchful 20:46 21 Mar 2003

I discovered that as well. The back button does take you right back to where you were in the list of threads rather than to the beginning.
Very useful.

  VoG™ 20:48 21 Mar 2003

I have to say I have always done this "by intuition". It never struck me that anybody would not do the same but I guess it's not obvious.

  Legolas 20:49 21 Mar 2003

recap If you click "HELPROOM" at the top of the page this takes you back to the top of the list of threads the point Nick1 was making is if you click the back button it takes you back to where you were in that list and not back to the top.

  Ironman556 21:18 21 Mar 2003

Nah, the back button's easier, but I 'spose it's just what you get used to doing.

  woodchip 21:35 21 Mar 2003

Another tip click the little arrow head by the back button and choose which page you want to go back to. It's the history button

  Switcher 23:01 21 Mar 2003

If you use the back button it will take you back in time also because it will not be updated.

  Pesala 23:33 21 Mar 2003

Z key is even easier.

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