using GTX 1060 card on MS7502

  1933 13:33 05 Jun 2017

My old 6870 graphics card has a noisy fan so I decided to fit a GeForce GTX1060 card. After saying it was installing drivers the PC crashed Should this card work on MSI MS7502 motherboard. Have now replaced he Radeon 6870 but it is not listed in device manager and all I have is basic output on the screen. Drivers are up-to-date. Any ideas please. Thanks. Dave

  q33ny 13:43 05 Jun 2017

Can you please give us more information about the crash? What PSU do you have?

  Archonar 15:29 05 Jun 2017

It should work on that motherboard - as said please let us know what your other system specs are.

  1933 09:32 06 Jun 2017

Win 10 Creator. MSI 7502 motherboard, 3 GB ram, 750w PSU XXX Pro, 2 SATA hard drives. Cannot seem to enable AMD drivers for the card. Thanks Dave

  q33ny 09:37 06 Jun 2017

The new graphic card requires additional power. Did you plug in the 6pin power cable?

  Archonar 09:53 08 Jun 2017

The reason you can't enable amd drivers is that it is an nvidia card... You need nvidia drivers

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