using ghost from floppy

  mags100 16:10 10 Dec 2004

We would like to copy my PC hard drive onto an external harddrive (as a backup and for re-installation if ever needed). We have a version of ghostpc on a floppy - just the .exe file. When run in windows it sees the external hard drive but tries to write to the 'c' drive (ie. my PC).

I don't think we can run it in DOS as the external hard drive requires USB drivers.

Any suggstions as to what the problem is, please.

I do not know what version of Ghost we have.

Reading the help forum I looks like we should partition the external drive, of 80gb which is the same as the 'c' drive. Then copy the PC drive into one of the partitions, then possibly use another partition for another copy at a later date ?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:18 10 Dec 2004

How is the external drive connected? Earlier versions of Ghost will not see external disks.

As you suggest, partitioning the drive will be one solution; but be sure to have a good backup in place first. Catch 22? Perhaps...

  Diodorus Siculus 16:20 10 Dec 2004

Just read how the external is connected :-(

Partitioning seems to be the only way forward other than buying a new version of Ghost.

  Peter 17:31 10 Dec 2004


You could try installing another hard drive in your PC and make the ghost image file on that while in DOS mode. You could then copy the ghost image file to the external drive when you are back running Windows.

Be careful though as you may not have access to your back-up Ghost file, when you want it, if you system become corrupt and you can start Windows.

It might be best to leave the Ghost file on the second hard drive, as a safeguard, as well as copying it to the external drive.


  keja 18:50 10 Dec 2004

In a thread some time ago (can't find it) about back-ups there was a link to click here. There's a lot of info on using Ghost, including adding drivers to access usb drives in dos.
Hope this helps.

  mags100 10:32 15 Dec 2004

thanks for your advise.

We downloaded a product called Paragon Drive Backup, but that proved to be pretty useless.
So we then did a total manual backup of my PC, by hand, copying all files over onto the spare harddrive. Took ages, but that way hopefully we should avoid some of the problems mentioned in your threads about restoring backups with Nortons Ghost (which incidently my copy is called ghostpe not ghostpc as I previously said).

  Diemmess 10:59 15 Dec 2004

Ghost PE =(Personal Edition).

It is slow and old fashioned but no one has mentioned using CDs as a backup medium.

The DOS based floppy recognises the CD present. If the correct switches are used when making an image file, this will be made on more than one CD. The program prompts you for the next disk. Im afraid you'll have to refer to the manual for the command line, I only did it once with the open manual beside me!

Nowadays if I use Ghost it is to make an image file preferably on a separate HD.

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