Using Excel to count items of differing values.

  Robbo99 12:44 19 Mar 2006

I am counting bags of money. They have differing values. I have a column in which the value of the bags is shown. There are varying numbers of bags of each value. For instance, I might have 2x£100 and 2x£50. This will appear in my column as 100, 100, blank cell, blank cell, blank cell, 50, 50, more blank cells. The blank cells would contain an entry if I had more bags.
What I want to do is have excel allocate a consecutive number to each bag. The numbers will appear in a column next to the first column. In the example above, bags 1 & 2 would be £100 and bags 3 & 4 would be £50. On another day I might have three £100 bags, so I would need bags 1,2 &3 to be allocated against the £100 cells, and bags 5 & 6 to the £50 cells. ETC. So I need excel to count and allocate numbers only to those cells that have a value in them, and ignore the blank cells which will vary from day to day. How can I do this?

  VoG II 13:06 19 Mar 2006

Assuming that your £values (or blanks) are in Column A starting at Row 1 then in another column in Row 1 enter the formula


Then hold the cursor over the bottom right of that cell until the pointer changes to a +, hold down the left mouse button and drag the formula down as far as needed.

  Robbo99 10:13 20 Mar 2006

Thanks for the formula Vog.

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