Using an email address on a different PC?

  palinka 12:18 28 Jun 2007

I'm setting up a new PC for a friend who already has a Tiscali email address on a shared PC that is on a BB network.
Her new PC is completely separate, at a different Tel No. and will be a dial-up PAYG.
Is it possible to use her existing email address on her new system?
I've tried to do it using the Tiscali disk that came (from Dell) with her new PC, but there's no option on that disk to "use an existing account" - or whatever the phrase is. We contacted the helpline at Tiscali which didn't solve the problem.
Of course we could set up a new account and notify all her friends of the change of address, but if possible we want to use the existing one. Is it possible?

  [email protected] 12:25 28 Jun 2007

I think she just connects to her home page - logs into her webmail - and that's it.
If she wants to download her email to her new PC, she just sets her email manager (outlook or whatever) to do so.
Do you mean connect to the internet with her new computer from a different location (tel no)?
If so, that's not possible. ISP/tel no/customer are unique.

  [email protected] 12:27 28 Jun 2007

Please disregard my post - didn't digest your question enough. Apologies.

  Batch 12:46 28 Jun 2007

In setting up her PAYG account she will inevitably get a new email address. However that does not preclude ger from also using another email address.

Assuming she will be using Outlook Expess, go to Tools, Accounts and hit Add and add teh details on the account that she wants to add. She will need details of the incoming mail (POP3) server that applies to the existing email account.

Note that to send emails from the existing account the outgoing email (SMTP) server will need to be set to the one for the new PAYG account. This does not mean that the sent email will seem to have come from the PAYG account, merely that they are routed via the PAYG services routers.

  palinka 14:07 28 Jun 2007

thanks very much, Batch, I'll try that.

  Stuartli 14:26 28 Jun 2007

All that has to be done is to create an Account from OE's Tools>Options>Accounts on the new system, complete the current account details including POP and SMTP servers and, from the Connection tab in this account's Properties, select Always Use This Connection (i.e. the new dialup service) from the drop down menu to collect e-mails.

E-mails to be collected from other ISPs used can also be set up in this manner.

  Stuartli 14:28 28 Jun 2007

It should also be noted that if she wishes to Reply to e-mails from her current account or any other ISP, she will have to use the Message window's drop down menu to select her new dialup e-mail address.

Otherwise any replies will not be Sent.

  Spark6 15:35 28 Jun 2007

Bump. For the expected TalkTalk account.

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