using a dvd\rw disc?

  dfghjkl 21:39 16 May 2005

hello,i have bought a dvd-rw disc,i have put about 1gig of recorded tv on it,how do i use the rw facility,can i add to the disc?or do i have to delete the file?or do i use it again as if it was a new disc (ie will it write over the file)i am sure this is basic stuff,but i dont know it,thanks,peter,ps can i have it as an idiots guide,for obvious reasons.

  Michendi 21:57 16 May 2005

Hi Peter. It depends on how you created the disk. As you know RW disks can be written to many times, but whether you can add data to a specific disk or not depends on how you created the data that is already on the disk.

Assume a blank formatted disk to start.

1. Using something like Pinnacle Instant Write you can drag and drop files from your HDD to the RW disk in a very similar way as if you were copying files between folders on your HDD. Using this method means that Folders and Files on the RW disk can be managed exactly as you would manage them on your HDD.

2. Again assuming you use something like one of the Pinnacle disk products, you can "Create a Disk". When you do this you normally create a Project and then place into that project the actions that need to be written to disk. Once a disk is created in this way you cannot add or delete individual elements from the disk. The disk can be seen as a complete entity. You can of course reformat the disk and write another project to it.

Follow this link click here and then click on TUTORIALS. This will help you understand how DVD/CD disks can be created and managed.

  dfghjkl 22:21 16 May 2005

i think i understand,i have nero 6 oem,is incd their version?i burned the rw disc in the same way as i would an r disc,is this disc now only the same as an r disc and so i am stuck with that file on it or can i still use the rest of it using incd?

  Michendi 19:03 17 May 2005

If you don't want what is already on the disk you can format it which will get you back to where you started. If you want to keep what is currently on the disk and you want to drag an drop files to the DVD writer then you will need another disk.

  dfghjkl 20:57 17 May 2005

thanks,how do i format it?is it the same as a floppy,do i just right click then select format?if so can i do this many times,would i only use incd if i wanted to add and remove individual files?thanks,peter.

  dfghjkl 22:16 17 May 2005

i have just deleted it,i think i know what i am doing but i will leave it open for more advice.thanks,peter.

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