Using a DVD burner with 98FE

  Meekster 20:03 24 Mar 2005

Been thinking of buying a cheap dvd burner to add to my old P2 system , to replace its crapped out cd burner.

When reading system requirements for a lot of dvd burners I see OS required as 98SE/Me/2000/Xp

If I connect a dvd burner to my 98FE system will it burn correctly ?

I am using the latest Nero so will not be installing any of the bundled software. Indeed the driver would be internal IDE , not usb or firewire so I assume standard cdrom drivers are the only thing Windows actually needs to install for any kind of internal cdrom/dvd/burner.

So is there something in the firmware that will detect 98FE and refuse to work? Or is it just a case of the vendors not mentioning 98FE or 95 since the user base would be limited and the burner would work alright with the earlier OSs. Assuming of course a compatible burning program (such as Nero) had been installed.

  john-232317 21:14 24 Mar 2005
  Meekster 22:37 24 Mar 2005

Well none of that link refers to, or asks about using a dvd burner on 98FE but I am assuming you are pointing out the passage that reads.

"The only other important area with these drives is whether your system can feed it data as fast as it can burn it..."

In that case fine , I assume you mean to say that a dvd burner will work ok, if at a slower burning speed than fully capable of.

Well, my system can only burn at x8 speed with a normal cdburner, and so a dvd burner would be v slow, but still, it would be quite useful for ghosting purposes to have a dvdburner.

  john-232317 07:45 25 Mar 2005

And this bit... "The drive should work on Windows 98SE.The drive requires memory of 512MB or higher , VGA memory of 128MB or higher and hard disk 10GB or higher. It may work with your system but you may not be able to achieve optimum performance."

Its the memory and the disc space required that may be the problem.

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