Using DV in/out

  moose001 16:48 12 Aug 2003

I have a sony TRV250 Digital 8 Camcorder and I want to transfer data from the digital tape to my PC (Pentium 4 2.4 GHz). I have found that, using the USB streaming, it does not give me very good image quality and I wondered if I could improve on the quality by using the DV in/out firewire connection. Does anyone know anything about this? Do I need a dedicated graphics card or can I by a PCI firewire card?

  Patr100 18:05 12 Aug 2003

It will improve input/output. You don't need a new graphics card just a PCI firewire card and editing software which you may already have or it will come with many cards to get you started.

  Quiller. 18:28 12 Aug 2003

Yes a firewire card will do the job. If you are on X\P then it is a breeze to install.

You should be able to get a kit. PCI card, 6pin to 4pin lead and software for about £20 to £25.

This may help.

click here

  moose001 19:28 12 Aug 2003

many thanks for that - Video editing here I come!!

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