Using dual core memory on hard drive

  techfool 14:11 12 Nov 2014

I have a dual core Samsung computer running Windows 7. When I look at the computer panel it seems all the data is being stored on the C drive and nothing on the D or J drive. I assume one of these is the second of the dual cores? can I safely move files from the C drive to one of these?

  Batch 14:14 12 Nov 2014

Dual Core refers to the processor, not the hard disk.

Open Windows Explorer and click on Computer (or My Computer) and it should show you the Total Size and Free Space of each of the disk partitions. Post that information back here to start with.

  techfool 14:49 12 Nov 2014

Batch-thanks for the explanation. As my name suggests I am quite IT inept!

Drive C has 37.5 of 112 GB free. Drive D has all of its 167 GB free Drive J has all of its 500 GB free.

So only drive C has anything on it and is 2/3 full.

  john bunyan 15:19 12 Nov 2014

What I would do is to keep all your Programme files on the C drive. Then, on the J Drive, create a folder with sub folders for you self generated data. In My case I have my data under a folder "My Documents", with quite a few sub and sub sub folders such as "My Word Documents", "My Pictures", "My Music", "My Outlook" and so on.

Then I would move all self generated stuff to that partition. It is a bit odd to have a "Spare" Drive - do you know where the recovery partition is?

You could consider combining the J into the D before the above, or making them equal in size, so you could use the D Drive for data with a back up on the J drive.

  wee eddie 15:57 12 Nov 2014

We have making the assumption that the 3 Drives you mention are all Partitions of a single Hard Drive. Is this correct?

Or is the J drive possible an External, or second, Hard Drive?

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