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  pj123 16:21 07 Jul 2003

I have a template "main.dwt" in DW MX. I need to make changes to it but it will not let me. Is there any way I can "de-template" it. i have tried saving it as an .html file instead of a template but that didn't work. I have two books Dreamweaver 3 and Dreamweaver 4 but I cannot find anything about templates in them yet?

  Taran 17:26 07 Jul 2003

A quick look in the Dreamweaver Help files using the word TEMPLATE for an index search gives you full instructions as follows;

To edit a template file:

1. Choose Window > Assets, then click the Templates icon to view templates.

The bottom of the Assets panel lists all of the available templates for your site. The top area displays a preview of the selected template.

2. In the Name list, do one of the following:

Double-click the name of the template.

Click the Edit Template button at the bottom of the Assets panel.

3. Edit the template in the Document window. Create editable regions in the template as desired

4. Save the edited template by choosing File > Save.

Help files - you've got to love them...



  pj123 16:32 08 Jul 2003

Thanks Taran, but that didn't work. all I get is: To use the Assets panel you must define a site.

  Taran 19:16 08 Jul 2003

Where have you saved your template ?

You have to define a site in Dreamweaver to begin working on it to any great extent or to start a root folder. When you define the site you specify all the settings you want to use for it which you can modify later.

Look in the Help files for the word define for lots of information and also look at the getting started guide for details on how to get going.

Depending on where the template is in relation to your site, you may have to import it into the site root folder once you've defined the site to begin with.

After that, you can use the Assets panel to modify the template.

There are other ways around this but the above is perhaps one of the simpler solutions.



  AndySD 19:42 08 Jul 2003
  pj123 10:21 09 Jul 2003

Thank you Taran and AndySD. Will check both out. It's painful this DW learning curve, but I'll get there.

  pj123 10:25 09 Jul 2003

Sorry Taran, didn't answer your question. the template is stored in the site root in a folder called templates. I didn't build this site in the first place, just been given the job of maintaining as the per who used to do it left the company, suddenly!!

I have only ever used MS Publisher to build a site before, that was a private one.

  Taran 22:41 09 Jul 2003

Open up the site in the root folder in question then you should be able to access and edit the template.

Trying to open and edit the template without first opening its site root folder is your problem here.

There are ways of doing this, but your easiest solution is to just open the site root folder as your working directory and then start playing with the files therein. It may be worth copying the root folder and its contents in case of any mishaps...

  pj123 09:51 10 Jul 2003

Thank you Taran. I will do that. will tick as resolved for now to give myself more time to keep on learning. Thanks a lot to all who responded.

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