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  pj123 15:41 04 Jul 2003

I have made some amendments to some pages in DW MX but the page links and contact details are still in the same place (bottom of page) How do I take out the space between the last bit of text so that you don't have to scroll down about 5 or 6 inches to get to the page links?

  AndySD 18:53 04 Jul 2003

Can you post a link to the page so we can view the code.

  Forum Editor 08:36 05 Jul 2003

as if you're using a table on the page. If that's the case you'll need to resize it (the table) so that the links can be moved up.

Having said that, AndySD's right - why don't you post the page url so that we can take a look?

  pj123 11:21 05 Jul 2003

Thanks for the responses. I did ask my domain host the same question after I posted it. They said: "leave it with us, we will do it for you". Having now looked at the site, they seem to have done something but it now looks nothing like the site I first uploaded. The text is not justified anymore, the pictures appear to be separate from the text, but I had them within the text and the text wrapped around them. I have now got to download it and put it back the way it was. Shan't trust my domain host to make changes again!! Leave this post as it is and I will post again if I need to. Thanks a lot.

  pj123 12:54 05 Jul 2003

Back again. Right I think I have got it back to where it started from. The two pages in question are "our home (page 1)" and "our home (page 2)". As you can see there is a big space at the bottom of the page. also I see there is a column at the right hand side that I can't get rid of either? to enable the text to go right over to the right?

the site is click here

Thank you for any assistance.

  harristweed 13:24 05 Jul 2003

You have this code near the bottom of the page

<TD height="225"> </TD>
<TD rowspan="2" valign="top" class=bod><!--DWLayoutEmptyCell-->  </TD>
<td height="469"></td>

Delete all this. problem solved

  AndySD 13:51 05 Jul 2003

Click in the top empty cell on the right hand side and holding the left button down drag the curser to the empty cell below..... now in the Properties panel at the bottom merge the cells. Now place the curser in the large empty cell (the two you just merged) and merge it to the one on its left.

Repeat this in the bottom section of the table. Now you can drag the bottom of the table up to the text.

It may be better to remake the page using nested tables..... eg create a new table within a cell in the one you have. Say the top one (It would seem that) make the table 2 rows 1 column and 100%. Now in the bottom cell split it into 2.
Place the image in the left hand ot the two cells. Now split your text into the two empty cells arraging it and the cell sizes for the look and feel you want.

  pj123 15:20 05 Jul 2003

As a complete idiot, where do you get this code from?

  pj123 15:34 05 Jul 2003

That worked perfectly for page 3. But where is it in page 4? and how do i get back to the actual web page instead of seeing code?

  pj123 15:44 05 Jul 2003

I tried what you said, but I haven't got merge cells at the bottom?

  AndySD 15:53 05 Jul 2003

In the Properties bar at the bottom look for the word "cell" under this is an oblong with a dotted line through it..... this is the merge button.

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