Using Dial-up Modem AND Broadband on Laptop

  keithlik 10:01 25 Mar 2005

Wireless Broadband is working fine on my laptop around the house. However it has an internal Dial up Modem which could be useful for e-mail etc in other locations. I just cant seem to get it to work - am I missing something? Advice appreciated.

  Yoda Knight 10:03 25 Mar 2005

What have u tried so far ? How do you know its not working ? Do you have a dialup account ?

  keithlik 10:11 25 Mar 2005

Have accounts with Virgin - Tiscali etc. Normally, before BB instal, no problems - now just cannot get connected. My fax works from this modem. After 5 years of building computers this has me baffled and I wouldnt like to start probing a laptop!!

  Yoda Knight 10:17 25 Mar 2005

what os ? can u dial from it (try calling ur mobile)

  keithlik 10:53 25 Mar 2005

XP Home -- yes as I say my fax is working OK from this modem.

  LastChip 11:20 25 Mar 2005

I think it is to do with the way communications are set-up via broadband. I have this very same issue myself at the moment, as I want to have a Dial-up backup on my machine. Very useful on the odd occasion that broadband wont work, to check whether it's the ISP or Me!

When I get time, what I intend to do, is try setting up a new user profile that uses Dial-up to access the Internet. Whether this will work or not remains to be seen. If you try it, let us all know the outcome please.

  Yoda Knight 11:25 25 Mar 2005

there is a program (google for it, theres probably a few...) that allows you to configure and choose different network enviroments at boot time. you may need to also play with hardware profiles and disable broadband connection when using dialup and vice-versa.

I would install that, disable broadband as per above, and then play with the settings until it works...

Hope that helps you in the right direction !

  keithlik 14:32 25 Mar 2005

will keep on experimenting. We will no doubt keep the thread in the needle until resolved.
Regards everyone.

  buscrew 15:37 25 Mar 2005

I don't have broadband (can't get it) but is your broadband modem set as default, and if so is your dial up account trying to use it instead of the internal dial up modem. As stated I don't have BB so if I'm widely off base please forgive me, just a thought.

  keithlik 10:30 27 Mar 2005

Resolved after some persistence
My dial up was Virgin and I deleted the connection. Substituted another ISP and all is well. I am not blaming Virgin as I may have gotten the settings wrong as I was asked for my password at least twenty times. I changed my password and registered it with Virgin but even that did not work (although a line connection was made. With all the different ISPs these days thank goodness it is easy to find one more suited to yourself.
Thanks for your efforts - Happy Easter

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