using Computer as an Alarm in morning?

  gplatt2000 23:16 26 Jul 2004

Hi all. Im bored. And when I get borede I think of things. Usually pretty useless. But anyway, sometime soon I think Ill be having my computer running through my stereo so I can play music thorugh it. Now, the problem is, my new stereo si just amp + cd player, so has no alarm feature. And occasionally I lie waking up to the sound of Millenia Nova, AIR or Zero 7, so was thinking - could I set my PC as an alarm?

I've had instructions on how to make a shortcut on my desktop, a 'mini-program' that when run, shuts down windows (I use this to set times when to turn the computer off). So could I use a smiliar system, using Task Schedular, to switch the computer on, and then have another 'shortcut' that opens and plays whichever music files I chose the night before?

I'm now thinking this idea is either stupid, unneccessarry, impossible, or actually very straight forward and been done many times before.

Any ideas, useful links etc would be great, thanks a lot

  Forum Editor 23:41 26 Jul 2004

Windows isn't running, so how are you going to use the task scheduler to turn the computer on?

Take a look at this
click here

  gplatt2000 23:49 26 Jul 2004

Thanks a lot for your reply. And I dont know how I didnt realise that, guess Im just pretty tired (thats my excuse - same reason goes for all the spelling mistakes Ive justr ealised in my first post). I just seemed to think you could get task schedular to do things at any time, but obviously that ouwldnt be the case :S

Thanks a lot for the link, seems to be the start of my 'mini project' hehe, sounds pretty patheic really but could work!

Please keep the suggesitons coming, as I said any help is much appreciated even if it turns out I dont use it, I always like reading about things I dont know!

Thanks again

  Gaz 25 01:56 27 Jul 2004


That is one strannnge idea! Why not just use the simple things in like?

Alarm clock?

  Gaz 25 01:56 27 Jul 2004


That is one strannnge idea! Why not just use the simple things in life.

Alarm clock?

  Fateful Shadow 10:56 27 Jul 2004

It had a feature to 'wake up' at a certain time, but that's about the only decent thing it did...after that it'd just stay on the desktop. I prefered the sound of an alarm clock to a BIOS beep! :)

  gplatt2000 10:59 27 Jul 2004

lol good point about the alarm clock idea! Hehe yeah I know there's other ways but for some reason this jut seemed like a 'good' idea last night - something to keep me entertained! And really I want a CD Player alarm, but dont want to spend however much it is they cost. Dont worry I'm not too desperate about this idea, just thught it might be nice!

Thanks again everyone, like I said any suggestions would be great

  bab5 11:18 27 Jul 2004


Check your BIOS, you might find you can get your PC to wake up there, mine does (set for 5.55 along with the teasmaid), just turn your speakers up LOUD and wake up to the windows beeps ;-)


  accord 13:48 27 Jul 2004

35 quid gets you exactly what you require. it can play any cd you choose.

click here

  gplatt2000 14:02 27 Jul 2004

lol Thanks for that link accord. Basically Im not actually too bothered about one, I just thought it might be a nice thing if I could get my computer to work as an alarm, just a way of wasting my time really (school holidays), I dont really want anotther stereo taking up more room.

So anyway thanks a lot for your help everyone, but dont worry about it, just a little idea I had whilst bored and really I was just more interested to know if it could be done rather than actually trying to find a solution

Thanks again

  radi8or 14:24 27 Jul 2004

Hi gplatt2000,

How's about this click here

Regards Bob

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