Using Compatiable Cart

  SIXTYONE 12:40 30 Jul 2005

I have an Epson Stylus C66 printer. How can I override message to use original cart's. printer of late will not let me print using compatiable's

  ACOLYTE 12:50 30 Jul 2005

Im not sure as i pointed out in your other post,i use a Epson C44 and compatible cartidges,the only time i used Epson was when i first got the printer,it may be a feature of the model you have i have no idea,there are i think chips sets you can buy to unlock printers to use any inks but im not sure.If as you said its only the Black thats at fault it may be a dodgy cartridge,have you tried another black one?.

  jakimo 13:01 30 Jul 2005
  ACOLYTE 13:42 30 Jul 2005

click here

is the other thread i already recommeded the utility but as he says its only black cartridges that dont work,thats why i thought it may be a dodgy cart.

  SIXTYONE 14:41 30 Jul 2005

Have just bought Epson Original Cart and printer is working fine. The utility you mentioned which command do you use to be able to use compatiable.

  ACOLYTE 15:44 30 Jul 2005

There isnt a setting as such its just a program to allow you to do different things with the cartridges,i cant understand why you cant use compatable inks.It must have been a dodgy black cartridge.

  pj123 16:08 30 Jul 2005

I don't know about the C66 but I have Epson printers and use compatible cartridges in all of them. The only message I have ever had says something like: "this is not an original cartridge do you want to continue" I say Yes and it doesn't come up again until I change another cartridge.

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