Using Compact Flash cards on Win95 Laptop?

  Demon Biker 18:34 13 Jan 2006

I have inserted 2 lines at the end of my config.sys file and drives E: & F: appear in My Computer. But when double clicked the error message "Device not ready" appears!

PCMIA device manager and wizard lists Socket 2 as having a Micron-CF device attached (the CF card in a PCMIA adaptor) but as there are no device drivers needed I cannot seem to access the picture files on the card.


Windows 95 SR2 (with USB support). Toshiba 320CDS laptop with 2 card slots (No.1 being occupied by a card modem).


  howard63 14:36 14 Jan 2006

I wonder if there is a setting in your bios to switch on the second card - worth checking

  jack 14:46 14 Jan 2006

When new stuff comes in, machines that are aleady in manufacture may not quite hackit, simply because of the newness and component supply at the time- even though they may sport the connection and are sold with it. It is quite a common occurance and is being fealt with current machines and modems[built in or not and Floppy drives -now in decline]
So this may be the case with your Toshiba- It is generally known that Windows did not get going into USB until Win98SE several versions after 95. and even here drivers WERE required for external items.

  pj123 15:54 14 Jan 2006

I'll go with jack here.

Although you say "with USB support" I don't think Win 95 supports USB at all. Unless someone knows different????

  Skills 22:11 14 Jan 2006

The second release of win95 did have minimal support for USB but it wernt great.

I think you may well struggle to get this to work as win95 is quite a few years behind the current tech.

  Demon Biker 22:20 14 Jan 2006

Yes, I've got the distinct impression that its a no-no! Using my Atari and a SCSCI Card Reader you could access the CF cards as if they were drives - just using a SCSI driver program.

If I got a PCMCIA SCSI host card maybe I could use use the Card Reader with this Laptop.

I'll try to use the card in the camera via the USB port next, I'm trying to download some pics for an advert on eBay! Such a struggle it is...

Thanks for your comments


  jack 12:01 16 Jan 2006

Could you
A. get some pix printed, and then scan 'em if you have that facility or
B get them burned to CD via chum or processing station and go that route.

Glad to know you still run an Atari- which machine?
Those were the days!

  Belatucadrus 13:29 16 Jan 2006

click here for a useful W95 USB page, I did get my old W95 PC to accept an Iomega USB Zip drive, but once done it posted a note that all other USB devices were now incompatible. The machine has since been upgraded to W98, much less temperamental on the USB side, though I still encounter driver problems on occasion. For some peripherals W98 drivers are hard to find & W95 simply don't exist.

  Demon Biker 21:02 16 Jan 2006

Jack - I'll take your suggestion about burning a CD I think after finding that my digi-cam only supports Win98 too!
Belatucadrus - had a look at the website - very useful and confirms what I had been thinking when I started this small project! Why didn't the last owner of this machine accept the free update to Win98 when they purchased it?!

I'll use the Atari Falcon one last time, as the pics I want on this card are of the 2 I want to sell on eBay! Glad I didn't pay good money for this PC.



  jack 08:22 17 Jan 2006

Demon Biker

A Fallcon Eh! The last of the line.
I wonder how many Ataris of any grade are still out performing - maybe in the music business.
I turned my ST into a PAK and passed it onto my music mad nehpew only last year- I think in many respects
this 64 bit beast is only just passing what the PAK could do.

  Demon Biker 21:09 17 Jan 2006

The Atari scene is still out there in pockets, with new people arriving with dumpster STs to swell the ranks. But with no serious clone on the horizon the time will come when the hardware will break and not be worth repairing.

Both of my falcons are upgraded:
One with 50MHz 68030 and Fast Ram - stable.
one with 66MHz 68060 and 256Mb Fast Ram (but is proving to be like a Windows95 PC to setup!!!).
Web browsers with no Javascript support don't allow much surfing.

Which version of Windows would you recommend for a Toshiba Laptop with Pentium MMX 233Mhz and 32Mb Ram? I could get a 64Mb memory upgrade quite cheaply, but 128Mb are rare and cost more than 2Gb of not worth it.

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