Using 'Clean' & 'Wavelab Lite' Programs.

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Hi Guys (& Gals?)

Just started to transfr my LP Collection to Cd/MP3, using Steinbergs 'Clean' & 'Wavelab Lite' Programs.

Managing to do it, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a simple guide to using 'Clean and WaveLab?
The manual supplied (as Usual) is next to useless.

Thanks in anticipation

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(Steinberg's) Cubase forum here: click here

It's mostly for their music creation programs but there's often questions and answers on Wavelab.

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I installed Clean 1.1 a while back (just before 2.0 was launched ! ), thought the documentation was weak - something lost in the translation I reckon, but the main problem was that it locked up my Ricoh CD re-writer. I then had problems removing the software. I re-installed it and it fires up and works, but the CD RW won't eject the discs once burnt(it's fine if I burn using Nero). I used a lot of trial and error to get the best audio clean up results. I found that it helps if you make lots of notes on the effect of various settings applied to different degrees on short clips, before processing whole tracks/LP's. I also bounced my conflict problem off the Steinberg website support link a couple of times, but never even got a response ! Did you (or anyone else out there) have a similar problem with the CD writer ?

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Which version of Clean are you using? I use Clean 4.0 and the Intelli Wizard does everything for you! I used to use Clean 2.0 and used the auto clean and had good results. I also had problems with the software burner but I preferred to use my Easy CD Creator for creating the CD's in anycase.
I always record the vinyl/tape transfer to my hard drive using WaveLab Lite first; basically so that I can use the monitoring facility to adjust recording volume etc. Wave Lab can also be used to remove major "clicks" from the virgin recording before letting Clean do it's stuff.It's a case of cutting out peaks in the wave file.

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To all

Thanks for the input so far.

Bol Uwd - I'm using Clean 2. I'm using the method you describe (Wave Lab First , then 'Clean'). How do you remove the Clicks using Wave Lab?

Thanks again.

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Once the wave file is recorded in the WaveLab window you can review the recording by either playing it back in it's entirety or drop in on the wave at any point you like. If you see a large peak in the wave, listen to it and if it's a particularly nasty crackle you can stretch the wave or rather magnify the timeline. You can then cut out the offending peak very precisely (milliseconds). Relisten to that piece of music and if you're happy, save it (or undo). I only use this method rarerly as it is very time consuming but if an album is very poor it helps to get rid of the major crackles before letting Clean do the rest.

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Bol Uwd

Have just tried this, and it works OK, but, as you say, it's very time consuming.

Thanks again

Dave H

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