Using Centrino to relay broadband signal-possible?

  MrShane 12:55 21 May 2005

Hi there, no idea if this has been answered before..had a quick look, no sign of it.

I have a Dell Latitude D600 with Centrino wireless. There are a couple of other Centrino machines in the house here, plus two seperate broadband connection. We don't have a wireless router at present, but rather have been working off a couple of cable connections.

My question is this: is it possible to feed the internet connection directly into one of the Centrino machines, and then wirelessly transmit the signal for the other machines to pick up and use? Someone told me it is doable, but complicated. Or is it necessary to go out and buy a wireless router?

  mgmcc 14:27 21 May 2005

You should be able to connect one Centrino laptop to the broadband service, enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on this connection and set up an Ad Hoc wireless network with the other laptops, which should then have internet access provided the "host" laptop is online.

A router will always be the preferred solution.

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