Using cd rewritables.

  wesparmalee 17:00 29 Mar 2005

Can anyone tell me the correct way to use cdrw disks.The reason i ask is that i'm having all sorts of problems with them.My burner supports a rewrite speed of up to 12X,but will only rewrite a disk at 4X.Everytime i try to increase the rewrite speed,they just will not play back properly.The audio cuts in and out,and sometimes there is distortion present.I know it's not my hardware as normal cdr disks work fine.Should a brand new cdrw disk be burned at 4X speed the very first time it's used,and then the speed increased the more the disk is used?Really all i need to find out is,are there any tips regarding these disk.Am i doing something wrong.I've tried many different brands,and still the same problem,please help as it's costing me a fortune in disks wasted.Thanks.

  Fingees 17:08 29 Mar 2005

Even if they are not burned correctly, RW disks can be erased and started over again.

Are you using highspeed RW as some will only burn at 4x. If you use INCD program, you can format RW's and use them like a floppy.

one of the ideas for RW is if putting one edited video, for example. You can keep trying by viewing until you get it right, then transfer to R disk for posterity

  paddy75 17:23 29 Mar 2005

wesparmalee,cdrw are very unreliable what speed is the disc its self rated at?Paddy

  jack 17:48 29 Mar 2005

Cd Rewritables best used with InCD as suggested.
Also will very often not perform on another computer
Whats the rush? x4 is still pretty quick
Dont get hung up on speed in any process.
As yhe actress said to the Bishop - take your time .

  Simsy 18:08 29 Mar 2005

if you are burning audio CD's you are doing well to get them to play at all, if in an audio CD player, rather than in a PC.

The lower reflective surface of CDRW discs means that most, (except very recent), audio players cannot accurately read the reflections off the surface.



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