using CCleaner drive wiper what settings?

  laptopdunce 13:24 25 Nov 2014

I want to wipe the C & D drives of my acer Windows XP laptop which I am going to sell, I plan to use the CCleaner drive wiper, should I use the setting for only the free space on both drives (after I have saved my photos/docs to a usb drive) or should I use the full drive setting? will using full drive setting mean that it erases the XP operating system? Laptop in in as new cond. but useless because of Windows XP and too slow to use now using chrome browser, was at the time a very expensive acer laptop, have had success selling old laptops on ebay but only only want it being moved on with a completely clean hard drive, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  john bunyan 13:44 25 Nov 2014

I would delete all your own data folders (having kept them on another drive). Do double check for passwords etc. Once you have deleted all your stuff, I would use CCleaner drive wiper using "wipe free space only". You can choose the 3 passes or 7. Both take a long time - ? overnight? Unless you are very paranoid I would have thought 3 is enough. You could leave a copy of "Recuva" on the OS then , after the wipe, see if you can use it to recover a sample file.

Recuva free

  Batch 14:27 25 Nov 2014

If you really want to wipe the whole thing (including the OS), you'll need to boot from a cd/dvd that has disk wipe software. Something like Darik's Boot & Nuke for example click here

  sunnystaines 15:18 25 Nov 2014

new version out today

click here improved GUI. - Improved internal architecture for better performance. - Added Google Chrome plugin management - Improved Google Chrome Startup item detection. - Optimized automatic updates for Pro version. - Improved system restore detection routine. - Updated exception handling and reporting architecture. - Optimized 64-bit builds on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. - Updated various translations. - Many performance improvements and bug fixes.


  laptopdunce 16:07 25 Nov 2014

OK thnaks for that, I will download the Recuva file, but am putting this on hold for a while until I have seen if downloading the Linux MINT free OS system is a viable alternative to my problems with this very slow XP laptop, thanks, Laptopdunce

  Batch 16:37 25 Nov 2014

you say the lappie is very slow - what spec is it (e.g. Acer model / CPU)?

In any event by today's standards it may well be very slow and, once you get used to something faster, what may have seemed reasonable in times of old is no longer acceptable - that's progress for you.

And not helped by fact that Internet is so much "richer" than previously and so web pages take more bandwidth to download and require more CPU to handle the content acceptably.

  laptopdunce 17:02 25 Nov 2014

its an aceraspire 5633WLMI with an intel core 2 duo T5500 processor, it was MUCH MUXH faster before the XP updates stopped and now it is running google chrome, I like the laptop becuase the sound quality is very good for radio, far better than the cheap tinny toshiba with windows 8, but that DOES run fast compared to this one now, there is only about 18gb of photos and docs on this laptop (its only a 120gb HD but the HD size has never been a problem) I think it defninitely the fact that its an outdated XP laptop that is at fault, it DOES work but its just so slow and jams on some sites, its got no malware on it, its just unbearably slow. thnaks laptopdunce

  Batch 09:11 27 Nov 2014

I not aware of any real reason why it should slow down just 'cos its XP and/or updates have ceased.

I have 2 XP machines (both lower spec than yours. A Samsung X06 (single core) that is nearly 9 years old (which I guess the CPU is about the half speed yours) and a Pentium 4 3GHz based desktop. which I guess is around 7 years old. Although both are slow in contrast to my (already ageing) W7 based Corei3-3240 desktop, I can't say there has been any change in the performance over the years and certainly not since the demise of XP updates. Mind you I do keep them very lean and clean.

I do use Chrome, but with certain extensions installed that may assist in performance (by not downloading unnecessary crud). In particular Adblock Plus and Ghostery (I was using DoNotTrackMe+, but since it 'changed' to Blur and loads of pop-ups of its own, I switched to Ghostery).

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