Using BT Hub-They say to have no Firewall?

  buel 14:34 12 Jun 2010

Hello, my parents' friends have an xp desk top pc that is connected wirelessly to their BT Hub, today i noticed that their Firewall was disabled, they say that the technician with BT said not to use it as the Hub has it's own firewall and antivirus software?
I find this hard to believe, please can anyone confirm this?Many thanks in advance!

  Sea Urchin 14:40 12 Jun 2010

You'll have to believe :@)

Security details for the BT Hub - second down is the Firewall. But AntiVirus - I don't think so.

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  buel 14:46 12 Jun 2010

Ha ha, thank you sea urchin(as ever)!!

  northumbria61 14:51 12 Jun 2010

I have BT Homehub and also AVG Security Suite with Firewall - Antivirus etc.etc. on WPA-2 - No problems at all.

  Batch 19:19 12 Jun 2010

Routers such as BT Hub don't have Anti-Virus (not least because AVs have to be updated daily or more often with database updates and less frequently with software updates).

Many routers have firewalls (which, typically, can be switced on and off via the routers interface menu). Even so, no firewall is likely to be perfect and it probably doesn't do any harm to use a software firewall on your PC. For example, I have a 3Com router with the firewall enabled and I use Zone Alarm on my PCs. Occasionally Zone Alarm picks up something that has got past the router's firewall.

  buel 23:53 05 Sep 2010

Hi, sorry to start this thread up again but this is the scenario-
About good while ago i put AVG, SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes on my parents' friend's desktop PC, i updated them all and ran the scans and found quite a few viruses! I advised them as strongly as i could to keep updating the scans and periodically run the scans (i advised once a week). Today they told me that they no longer use the antivirus/antimalware/antispyware that i put on the PC as "we dont have to now we have the BT hub as it stops any viruses". Please can anyone advise me if this is correct? I have no problem whatsoever in going along with this if it is true....but i find it hard to believe it will be anywhere near as effective as the software i mentioned?
All answers appreciated!!

  accordion 07:21 06 Sep 2010

BT supplied set-up disks for the Hub include protection software.IF that was all installed, then they have protection from BT.

It's not the Hub that provides this, it's the software that came with it. The router will have a firewall, but I would install a software firewall to monitor outbound activity. I don't know if the BT software includes a firewall, probably not.


  mooly 07:23 06 Sep 2010

You need to have Windows firewall enabled on the PC and also run normal malware protection that works in real time.

  tullie 07:31 06 Sep 2010

As allready stated,you need to install anti virus software.

  Rayle 12:11 06 Sep 2010

The Hub firewall is only very basic, more for its own protection than anything else.
To confirm this ask on the BT Forum where you will get help and advice click here

  Batch 12:38 07 Sep 2010

Assuming that BT Home Hub has been supplied as part of a BT Total Broadband package, then one of the following should apply:

1. Basic
Email anti-virus (probably done by BT at THEIR end - i.e. they check the emails before they come to you). This would likely also only apply to email received on an associated BT email address. Also a 3 month free trial of 2. below (after which additional fees have to be paid)

McAfee Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware / Firewall etc.
This would be software supplied by BT for installation on the PC.

Which of the above your friend has will depend on the package they've bought from BT.

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