Using Broadband connection on remote computer

  User-A1BEEF52-1D14-4722-9F30D7B6199F7FBF 14:58 06 May 2003

I have one computer with AOL Broadband connection and have a second computer on which I want to use my broadband connection while my son plays his computer games on the first computer.
The machine with the broadband connection has no USB ports spare (1 in use by scanner, one by ADSL modem). The second machine has one USB port free.

I would like to connect wirelessly (802.11b?)

I thought of buying a cable/DSL Gateway router and a 11Mbps USB wireless adapter(for second computer with USB port available). Does the router connect to the ADSL modem - if so, how as the modem just has phone line in and USB connection out?

Am I on the right track?

  GORAL 16:10 06 May 2003

Which O/S have you got on the two PCs? Win XP in particular makes it easy to set up a network, particularly with only two PCs. Unless cost is unimportant to you it is heaps cheaper and just as effective to forget about wireless and simply use a twisted pair crossover cable and put another NIC card in each of the Pcs. Connect via the crossover cable and use Win Xps Network Setup Wizard to create your Network. Obviously the cable connects the PCs via the two NIC cards.

Goral - thanks for your response. My 2 computers are approx 15ft apart and connecting with a twisted pair would involve lifting & relaying carpets. Both machines are using Windows 98 (4.10 Build 2222). If I get a router - if this would work, my daughter (who is at Uni) could possibly connect on her laptop in her bedroom when she's home, using another wireless adapter - hence I'd like to go wireless route if not too expensive.

  GORAL 20:28 06 May 2003

Good luck.

  GORAL 20:30 06 May 2003

(Addit) Surprised at the lack of response to your query as wireless connection seems to be "in" at the moment - if more expensive.

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