Using a Boot Manager with Drive Overlay Software

  User-DC593ADF-8DFC-41A0-B9DA42213177CA53 19:32 08 Mar 2004

I have a PC that is still happily running Win95B and when I fitted a larger 20Gb HD some time back, I had to use the drive overlay software to overcome the BIOS limitations.

I would now like to install Paragon Boot Manager so I can dual boot to Win98SE.

However, I think I read somewhere once, that as boot managers install in the MBR they can conflict with the overlay software.

Is that correct, or will it work OK?
Have any other forum members done this?


  LastChip 21:08 08 Mar 2004

Some versions of drive overlay software provide their own boot managers.

Have you taken a look at yours to see if it's an option?

  Paranoid Android 21:28 08 Mar 2004

I wouldn't risk it. If it goes wrong it will be VERY nasty to recover.


LastChip - I get an option to boot from floppy but that's all.

Paranoid Android - you've pretty much confirmed what I thought, even though I've got backup images I'll leave it.


  Peter 23:42 08 Mar 2004


I have a 10.8 Gig Maxtor hard drive installed in a 1996 Gateway G6-200 (200MHz Pentium Pro) running Windows 95 OSR2. It is partitioned into 4 primary partitions each with its own operating system (Win 95, Win98, DOS 7 & Win95 Test). I use System Commander from VCOM to select the partition to boot to a system start up, and YES it works.

I have also had success with the boot manager supplied with Partition Magic.


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