Using Belkin router as access point & BT Home Hub

  BigW 12:10 27 Jan 2018

I currently have a BT Home Hub 5 as my main router and use a power-line adapter to provide wireless access in parts of the house that struggle to receive a decent wi-fi signal. This works ok, but the power-line only seems to be about 80% reliable and I want a better solution. I have put in a wired ethernet extension socket in that area, connected directly to the Home Hub and this works perfectly (TV is currently plugged in to this).

I want to get rid of the powerline adapter and use an old Belkin F5D8635-4V1 router configured as a wireless access point, connected to the router via the hard wired extension I have put in.

The Belkin can be set to work as an access point and that is what I have done, via the management console, and have connected the Belkin to the main BT hub via LAN ports. I have given the Belkin an ip address (...253) that is in the same subnet as the BT hub and given it an address that is outside the DHCP range of the BT hub (which is ...64 to ...252). I've set up WEP security on the Belkin and have given it a unique SSID. I'm far from being an expert, but think I have done everything I need to do to get this to work.

The problem is, it doesn't work! Wireless devices can see the Belkin and connect with the appropriate WEP key but they then hang with a message saying "waiting for ip address" and eventually time out. They can then also no longer connect to the BT router either, in fact all existing wi-fi stops working, although hard wired ports on the BT hub still work fine. A computer connected to the BT hub can ping the Belkin router and indeed can log on to the Belkin's management console ok.

There seems to be some sort of problem with issuing ip addresses. The DHCP facility on the Belkin is off as this get disabled when it is set to work as an access point.

I'm not sure if there is something else I need to do or what to do next. Very frustrated as if I can get it to work it should be the perfect (and no cost) solution to my dodgy wi-fi reception.

I have found some similar threads about this kind of issue but none of them have helped with my problem. If any experts out there could offer me some help on this I would be eternally grateful.

Many thanks in anticipation

  BigW 12:24 27 Jan 2018

Actually I think it is a Home Hub 3 if that makes any difference

  BRYNIT 13:04 27 Jan 2018

This may give you some help CLICK HERE or you could do a google search for use second router as a repeater.

  BigW 16:31 27 Jan 2018

Thanks for your reply. I have already done much searching about this but still can't get it to work. I appear to have done everything all the various forums have suggested. I have however read somewhere that the home hub may have some strange DHCP issues and I'm starting to think maybe that is the problem.

  100andthirty 11:48 30 Jan 2018

Have you turned off DHCP on the Belkin? I think this is the last link in the chain to get it working. I did similar with an old BT Homehub. It worked but was slow and I eventually replaced it with a cheap switch for wired devices and BT Wholehome devices for wireless.

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