Using antivirus programmes.

  STAAKER 2000 © 12:23 17 Mar 2010

I already have security on my machine (windows Vista), Im running trusty old Norton security which does what it says on the tin and keeps my laptop protected,I have been offered a free security suite from my ISP (Virgin media). Should i 1. just keep running the Norton till it runs out 2. Remove Norton and use the free one from my ISP or is there any advantage to running both?. Thanks if you can help.

  oldbeefer3 13:07 17 Mar 2010

You mustn't run two antivirus programmes. I'd be tempted to use Microsoft Security Essentials and something like Malwarebytes when Norton runs out.

  gazzaho 13:10 17 Mar 2010

It's not advisable to run two virus checkers/Internet Suites on the same machine, one will conflict with the other.

Spyware checkers the likes of SuperAntiSpyware or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware can be used without conflicting with your Virus Suite I've found.

Either keep Norton or remove it and install the one Virgin offers, don't install one over the top of the other.

  MAT ALAN 13:16 17 Mar 2010

You can run multiple A/Vs on the same computer as long as you configure them to do diferent things at diferent times. (real time stuff will conflict).
For home user PCs the free A/Vs on offer are adequate, wether you decide to run norton till it expires then try the free, only you can really decide what to do...

  Sea Urchin 13:29 17 Mar 2010

It's not just real time scanning that can be a problem with two AV programs installed. When scanning with one it may well pick up on the definition files in the other - and consider them to be malware.

  gazzaho 13:33 17 Mar 2010

MAT I have to agree with Sea Urchin on this one, perhaps if you're an experienced computer user and know what you're doing it may be possible to install two AV suites, but for most users it's just not worth the risk of conflicts.

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