Using Acronis True image.

  Meshuga 17:44 25 May 2005

I am considering using acronis true image, which I already have, to create an image of my hard drive on an external HD which has a capacity of 37.2GB with 34.1 free space. The capacity of the internal HD is 76.6 with 14.6 used space. The file system on the PC is ntfs and on the external drive is fat32. I have no idea how to do this and will the ntfs file system transfer to the fat 32 system. One othe point is that having done a partial dummy run i find that when I get to the "Removable Disc selection box it only shows the floppy disc drive and the CD-RW drive but not the "F" drive which is the external HD. So how do I transfer data to that drive. Any help will be appreciated.

  mattyc_92 17:48 25 May 2005

to your first qestion:

There is no difference in backing up to a FAT32 drive from a NTFS (or the other way round)

to your second question:

The drive SHOULD be listed, if not, then your drive isn't reconised correctly by Windows/Acronis... Try deleting the drive from the "Hardware" list and restarting the system... Allow windows to install the driver again, and try again with acronis...

  Meshuga 18:38 25 May 2005

Many thanks mattyc_92. will do as suggested but can you please clarify where I find the Hardware List.

  woodchip 18:45 25 May 2005

Only thing that is different is that Acronis will split the Backup into 2Gb files as that's all how big you can create 32fat files

  Meshuga 19:11 25 May 2005

Thanks, woodchip.

  woodchip 19:16 25 May 2005

If you move the backup, you need to remember to move all the files with same name date

  Big Elf 19:45 25 May 2005

It might be worth converting the external drive to NTFS (after backing up any data on there).

I've found that Acronis version 7 recognised my external hard drives as internal although in version 8 it doesn't seem to matter.

  Meshuga 20:11 25 May 2005

Thanks BE, gonna have to give all this some thought. It`s a bit over my head. My regards to LP.

  Big Elf 21:04 25 May 2005

Just to clarify. I seem to recall that in version 7 I (think) that I had a choice to select internal or external drives to use but when I selected the internal drives it also included my external hard drives (if that makes sense).

  vinnyT 11:47 26 May 2005

"Removable Disc selection box it only shows the floppy disc drive and the CD-RW drive but not the "F" drive which is the external HD".

It may be that you do not have any dvd/cd-RW software installed, ie. InCD or the one that comes with Roxio.

To get TI8 to write/SEE to my dvd writer I had to install InCD, it worked no prob. It has to be installed even if you're only writing to dvd-r and not rewritable disks.

This may or may not be the solution to your prob. but it drove me mad initially trying to figure out what was wrong.

Hope this helps.

  vinnyT 11:48 26 May 2005

Sorry, just read your post again, please forget my innane drivel.

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