Using Acronis to move windows ......

  woofwoofbark 15:05 06 Apr 2007

Hello ,I would like to move my registered copy of Windows XP to another HD. Is this possible ?

I have purchased an external HD which I will use to save files ect.

anyway , lemme try and explain ...

I got Acronis true image a while back from a link on this site , and have backed up C: to my external drive , my setup is below ...

E:60GB C & E are split on an internal 80GB drive.
External 160GB HD.

I have saved saved C: with Acronis which is around 5GB but split into sizes of 690MB for which I will save to CD plus also backthem up into DVD , cant be too carefull , right ?

So is it as simple as just restoring the image to G: and then formatting C: , after which I'll change the drive letters around , C: will become G and G: will become C:.

I read on the net that its a good idea to give the HD that contains windows plenty space , so with my extra HD I can simply leave the 40GB drive for docs&settings/program files and Windows.

I hope this is explained ok and that someone will give me some advice/help.

thanks in advance


  johndrew 15:33 06 Apr 2007

You appear to have two options. You can either `clone` the drive on which you have Windows to another drive, or, you can `recover` your backed up windows to the drve you want to use as your boot drive - but you must ensure the drive is bootable and is your `System` drive.

I would clone C: to G: for ease and speed. Cloning will leave Windows on your C: drive and you will simply need to change the boot from C: to G: and rename if necessary. If I remember correctly Acronis provides you with the option of changing your boot drive after cloning. You can check this out fully in the Acronis Help file.

Having changed you boot drive you will need to format the old C:.

One further point; ensure you have an Acronis Emergency Disk available to be able to use the backup if you suffer some sort of problem/failure during the process.

  Batch 17:21 06 Apr 2007

Depending on your hardware config, you may need to change the jumpers on the drives (are the drives ATA/IDE or SATA?) so that Windows is on the Master drive after you have loaded Windows onto the new drive. Just do as johndrew suggests (but leaving the original C: untouched) and then try it until it works. Once you are happy, then format the old Windows drive.

If you are storing your own data on the same drive, it obviously needs to be big enough to hold that as well. You'll also need to allow for the applications and for pagefile.sys (typically up to 3 times your memory) and hiberfil.sys (same size as your memory). You can see these two files by looking in the root folder of of your system drive (C:) - you'll need to make sure you have the ability to see system files enabled. Otherwise, you need to allow a bit of spare space (a few GB), that's all.

My Windows partition is 10GB of which 3.25GB is used. My page file is on another hard drive my hiberfil.sys is 512MB. I have all my data on other partitions.

You can relocated pagefile.sys to another disk if you wish and this may help with performance (see click here)

  woodchip 18:26 06 Apr 2007

You can use the Image on a new or Old Drive. It will write the Partition and all Software plus OS as it was when you made it. I did this when I upgraded my Medion Laptop from 30Gb to 60Gb and it still works with the Restore disc if I want to. But no need when you have Acronis

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